Saturday, October 16, 2021

Last RPod Adventure - Ivy Lea

So we went on our last RPod adventure to another of the St Lawrence Parks, this one called Ivy Lea. It's right at the base of the Thousand Islands Bridge. You actually go under the bridge to get to some of the unserviced campsites and the beach. We thought we would hear a lot of traffic noise from the trucks but either they close the bridge or the border at night because it was actually quite quiet, during the day you would hear the trucks especially when they left the bridge decking and hit the road.  It was a nice little park, very close to the City of Gananoque, many of the unserviced sites have beautiful views of the St Lawrence. It was the last weekend that the park was open. We arrived on Wednesday and it seemed as if we very nearly had the park to ourselves, but by Friday the park was pretty packed. Many of the seasonal campers had fairly large family gatherings on the Saturday and Sunday what with it being Canadian Thanksgiving.

My site, there's a loop of unserviced sites behind this site.

Thousand Islands Bridge

View from a walk-in campsite

View from an unserviced campsite
We drove into Gananoque one day to go to Confederation Park as I had read online that it had a sculpture garden. It was only about a half and hour away on the Thousand Islands Parkway.

See Rockett?
The park is right on the main street of Gananoque right by the town hall and Visitor's Centre.  There are a number of walking trails that you can do right from the downtown (or very close by) too.

Cross walk from the library

City Hall

War memorial

On the way back to the campground I stopped at the Landon Bay pullout. Not much there in the way of amenities but there was a short trail down to the river with some nice views. There were a number of people who had stopped there to have picnics.

We also hiked up the escarpment at Landon Bay, the trailhead is on the other side of the parkway from the pullout. We took the wrong trail to get to the lookout but we had a nicer hike around the shoreline of the bay. It was rather rocky but in the end we did make it up to the lookout as the trails cross. 

Trail head. 

Landon Bay and the Thousand Islands Parkway

Liam wondering why I can't walk faster!

We also did a few walks around the campground especially before it got too crowded. It seems like everyone who was camping had dogs. Most of the flowers were past bloom but the mushrooms were everywhere. Liam was really afraid of the huge puffball and barked and barked at it while I tried to get a picture. This puffball was larger than a soccer ball. 

Huge Puffball

The park also has a seasonal and a temporary dock. We didn't walk down to the seasonal dock but did walk down to the temporary dock. It's on a nice little inlet, the water was incredibly blue and clear. I think in the summer it would be a nice place for a quick dip. The park also has a little beach that even has an area for divers. Three people were going in diving when I walked down to see the beach.

Inlet near the temporary dock

Ivy Lea Beach with a diver in the water (on the right)
There were a great many chipmunks, squirrels and birds but I had one little visitor I didn't expect, a stick insect. I'd only ever seen them in zoos or museums before. He was on the shoe container in my side tent. He seemed rather hesitant walking on the opaque plastic, I picked him up and put him on the ground and he quickly found I tree. I was lucky to find him again for another picture and video.

Stick Insect

Can you see him?

On our last day camping, my sisters and I went to the Thousand Island Sky Tower.  We booked online thinking it would be busy and many places right now require advance booking so they can control the numbers. We were lucky and there was only a few other people when we were there. A larger group was arriving as we were leaving.

US Border, only 1 kilometer (0.6 of a mile) from the tower.

Some of the Thousand Islands 

So our last camping trip of the season was coming to an end, we were lucky to have great fall weather on this trip. It was warm enough I could have brought shorts, although I was glad for my fleece jacket in the evenings and even my winter vest on the first night.  We only ate inside for one breakfast and had a fire every night.  I think Liam and Teddy enjoyed themselves although they find it a bit hard to wrestle and run around on their tie out chains. I had one package of the chemicals to make the fire coloured so we used that in our last campfire.  The coloured fire doesn't photograph all that well but it was pretty, blue and green with some purple.

Last fire of the 2021 camping season

So that closes off the 2021 camping season, hopefully 2022 will be more normal. I'm hoping to travel west.  I had one more nice day to clean out Podrick and took him back to his winter home a few days ago.

COVID vacation selfie

Podrick backed into his winter home.