Thursday, January 28, 2016

The 2015 Agility Year In Review

Well, 2015 is in the books and this weekend we begin the 2016 agility season. We had a pretty good year in the 2015.

In April, Keltic got his Agility Dog of Canada title putting him in Advanced in all events. He has since moved out of Advanced in both Jumpers and Snooker but he has yet to run a Masters level course. He needs only two more Gambles for his Advanced Games title.  Standards are another story. He did get one Advanced Standard Q in 2015, he needs three for his Advanced Agility Dog title and they might be hard to get as we are still working through weave and contact issues. At the end of 2015, it seemed like we had gotten past the start line stay problem; I guess we'll see if that's true on Sunday.

Agility Dog of Canada

We also did three UKI trials last year. Keltic did get one Q in Speedstakes.  He also was in the Kanine Kup for his third year. It was likely our last year as he gets a handicap now since he has the ADC title and he would get the same handicap next year even if he didn't have the title because the goal of K9 Kup is to prepare dog and handler teams for agility trials so they want to be able to offer the opportunity to other teams just starting out. Keltic's team did really well taking first place overall and placing first in the Standard event.

Snowdogs Unharnessed
Beckett also had a pretty good year. We went to the Canada Cup again and this time we actually got to run in the finals. In fact we got to run in the finals of all three events, not many dogs accomplished that.  We didn't place in any of those events but I was really happy with our performance.  We had done a UKI trial the day before the Canada Cup and I think four days was too much for Beckett. I thought perhaps we had a chance to place in the Steeplechase event but when it came time to do the the second set of weaves Beckett kept popping; I think he was too tired by then so we just went on without finishing the weaves.

Beckett flying at Canada Cup

Canada Cup Grand Prix Runs
Beckett also got his Expert Bronze Snooker this year; that's 10 qualifying scores at the Master level.  He finished the year with 24 qualifying scores; thus making the AAC Top Dogs list for 2015. You need 9 Q's to make that list.  During the year, we also reached a personal goal of 100 lifetime Q's and actually now Beckett has 108 Q's.  Beckett needs 3 Team Q's for Expert Bronze Team and 7 Standard Q's for his Expert Silver Standard title and Silver Award of Merit so that is what we will be focusing on this year.  Beckett also did some UKI trials and got 5 Q's; one in a game that AAC doesn't  have called Snakes and Ladders.

Expert Bronze Snooker

This year we are entered in the AAC Regional Championships, Keltic's first. Hopefully we will do well as Nationals are being held only two hours drive from home.

I'm hoping 2016 will be as fun as 2015 was with no injuries and lots of clean runs.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Catching up wid Crispmas

Hey dere eberyone is me Beckett. My Mums has been slacking off wid typing out our posts so you habben herd much from me or Keltic.

I finally got her to sit down to type out our Crispmas post.  Weez had a very warm December and still had green grass when Crispmas arrived. Dat didna stop Santa Paws as he still left me an Keltic lots of pressies.  Keltic figured out to open da gifts dis year, I still was a little worried I was na supposed to rip dem up.

Santa Paws has come

Can weez open dem now?

Keltic ripping into another.

Beckett, Ise not too sure.
Our haul

Santa Paws broughted so many pressies he putted some in da treat cupboard since dey didna all fit in our Crispmas sock.

Mums putted up her village and a tree again dis year. She gotted a new piece for da village dat her sister sent her. It is another dog for da village. You can never has too many doggies.

Paws and Refresh

And she got da trees wid da red birds from da sister dat lives near us.  Da village still be up but da tree is now down and waiting by da roadside for da recycling truck to come.  It was a furry nice tree. Mums had to cut off da top a wee bit as it was too tall for da star but it worked out just fine.

We wented to da sisters house for Crispmas day after we had opened our pressies. Da littlest peep is getting pretty big  now. We gots to see him come downstairs to see what Santa had brung him.

We stayed da day dere and of coarse we gots to have turkey dinner. We got some other pressies too from Auntie Julie and from cousin Merle.

I gots a nerf Frisbee. Mums thought it be funny to put it on my head. I does not care as long as someone will play Frisbee wid me.

We haded people over to our house agin for da New Years Eve, I was sure glad dere was na too much ringing in da New Year. I is a bit afraid of too much ringing and noise.

Crispmas be all over now. Mums tooked da tree down dis weekend. She putted us in da sunroom so she could get it outside. Keltic was na too happy about being stuck in dere since he could na tell Mums what to do but somehow she managed to get it outside wid out us helping her.

We still has some decorations up but dats just cuz Mums does na like for dem to all come down. She says da house looks bare then. It will all gets put away next weekend she says. Until next year and weez do it all again.