Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Ride

Hey dere eberyone, is me Beckett. Mums hasna been blogging too much lately so weese got some catchin up to do.

She says she'll write more about her boat trip, da one we didna get to go on wid her but for today I gets to tell you about our new ride. Mums has been talking about a new car for a little while now, she wanted to go test drive a few but things happened real quick and we ended up with a new car after just one test drive. Keltic and me didna get to go on da test drive either. You'd a thought she'd want our opinion.  

Anyway we gots our new car last Saturday. Keltic and me still hasn't had a ride in it but Mums says we'll get a ride dis weekend. I hopes it's some wheres good.

Mums Note: the ride this weekend is to the groomer, don't tell.

Mums got another Ford Escape. Dis one is Keltic-coloured on da outside and Beckett-coloured on da inside so Mums did think a little about us when she picked it.

Mums Note: I actually didn't think of it until I got it home. Canyon Ridge was the only exterior colour I really liked. It just happens to match Keltic quite nicely. 

The new Ess-cap-eh!

Keltic and the new ride

Beckett and the new ride.

Doesn't smell like a dog-mobile?