Thursday, March 17, 2022

It might have been

 "The saddest words of tongue or might have been."

Today might have been Keltic's tenth birthday.  We couldn't let it go by without a celebration. Happy Birthday to my Pumpkinhead, you were really such a good boy!

Liam and Teddy were happy to celebrate your birthday and to eat some apple cheddar pupcakes in your honour. I don't think they were as happy about getting pictures taken. I bought you some birthday balloons because ten is a milestone birthday. I hope you like them. 

We put a chair at the table just for you, I hope you were able to join us. I'm sure you did.

Teddy and Liam even wore their new St Patrick's Day ties for the party. And Liam didn't even steal a pupcake when I took them off the table, not like someone else did, right Keltic?

I miss you lots, just think what might have been...