Thursday, April 21, 2011

Title Thursday

We received Beckett's ADC certificate in the mail today. I hope we can finish up our Starter Games title soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Red Gate Fun Trial - Apr 2011

Last weekend, we attended another fun trial at Red Gate arena. For a change, the weather cooperated and we had a beautiful spring day; it was so nice to be able to take the dogs outside between runs and not to be freezing all day.

The runs this time were a Standard course and a Jumpers course. In the Standard, I did the Advanced course and then the Masters. Only the first Advanced Standard run was videoed but that turned out to be a good thing as I wasn't happy with most of the Masters run. But then I did go out planning to work on contacts rather than worry too much about the course.  I'll post a video of that some other time.

For the jumpers, we ran the Advanced course both times as I wanted to see if I could get Beckett to do two straight tunnels (obstacles 15 and 16) without having to be right with him.

You'll see in the video that I don't go as far between the tunnels each time we run. We had never practiced this before and I wondered if he would just come between the tunnels to meet me. 

We also practiced a lead out at the beginning. The opening of the Advanced course was the same as the Masters. My position was critical and since our results were mixed, this will be something we practice more, as obviously I need more work on determining my position.

I really enjoy the fun trials at Red Gate as even when the weather is messy at least we're indoors. I wish Larry and Irene hosted more but next month's fun trial ends the season until the fall.