Sunday, January 15, 2023

Gaston in his Glory

I went out to get my Christmas tree earlier than planned. I had friends coming over to help me decorate on 18 Dec, so I had thought to get the tree on the Friday before but when I came home from my agility class on the Monday, 12 Dec, I drove by the Christmas tree lot, and it seemed the stock was dwindling rapidly. So, I went home, emptied the car and drove back up to the lot to get the tree. There still was a quite good selection, although everything they had was now in the lot. Usually, I look for a tree with a nice top and a fairly thick trunk as even though my tree stand looks like it would hold a very small trunk, the tree stands more solidly with a thicker trunk. I had looked at several trees before I stood up this one and I just knew it was the one. The trunk wasn't as thick as I would have liked but it had a beautiful top and a great shape. 

I had three friends over to help decorate; it goes so much faster with people to help. I had already done the lights, so it was just putting on the ornaments. We were done in no time at all.  Another of my friends names their Christmas tree so I decided this year to do the same.  The first suggestion my friends made didn't work at all in my mind, but the second seemed to fit him and so Gaston was named.

Gaston in his glory!

Of course, Gaston was the focal point for many pictures over the Christmas holidays. He filled the dark nights with such a wonderful light. 

Gaston was part of our New Year's celebrations too. I had some friends over again this year for New Year's Eve. We kept the evening to a small number, and we didn't actually stay up until midnight but did our toast for 2023 at about 10pm. 


It's sort of a sad time to have to say goodbye to such a beautiful tree. I always wait until after Epiphany to take down the tree; that's what we did when we were kids. I don't understand people who put it away on Boxing Day; I like the season to last. Gaston didn't really want to go, and he hid an ornament from me right until the very end. I thought for sure I would find the ornament when I took the lights off, but no. 

Lights coming off.

Just a star!

Gaston has left the house.

I looked and looked for that last ornament before putting Gaston out on the porch. One of my sisters suggested giving him a good shake which I did but to no avail. Gaston dropped lots of needles but still I didn't find the ornament.

What Gaston left on the porch.

I took Gaston done to the end of the driveway, turned him round and round and laid him against the snowbank after giving him yet another shake, but I still didn't find the ornament. I took one last picture of Gaston out waiting for his lift and decided then to take just one more look. I'm sure glad I did as there was the little ornament! It was nearly at the bottom of the tree and luckily near the front or I wouldn't have seen it.

Perhaps Gaston wanted a souvenir of his time as a Christmas tree with me and the dogs as the ornament he hid is of a Christmas tree with a dog running round it called Chasing his Tail. The dog actually does go round the tree, good thing my dogs don't run round the tree.

Chasing His Tail

Last night at home with Gaston.


  1. We loved seeing your beautiful Christmas tree, Gaston! Glad you found that little ornament at the last minute. We missed having a tree in our house the past few years, as I always ended up having to work on holidays. Maybe next year …

  2. I always feel sad taking the tree down. I haven't put one up for the past few years, but having friends over to fo it would be fun. Gaston was beautiful!!

  3. Your tree was beautiful and I like leaving my tree up for a bit longer too but the ornies come off sooner and it's just the lights that are left. I'm so glad that you found your cute ornie!

  4. Your tree was beautiful! I put one up this year for the first time in over 12 years. I really enjoyed it. I missed it when it was gone.

    Glad you found the ornament!


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