Saturday, May 20, 2023

Floral Notes

I took the dogs down to Beechwood cemetery a couple weeks ago. It was a little too early for the tulips to be in bloom but that daffodils were very nice.  Some tulips were up but they definitely weren't at their peak yet.

This week I went down to the tulip festival with my two of my sisters, a brother-in-law and my aunt, who is here visiting. Dogs have been allowed at the festival since 2018 but I left Teddy and Liam home for this trip as we planned to have lunch downtown while we were there. It was nice to go down during the week, every other time I had been there it was during a weekend, and it was always packed. We had a little difficulty with GPS and parking lot I wanted to go to was closed but we made it there in reasonable time despite the detours.

We started at the Experimental Farm gardens then walked through the Arboretum to get to Dow's Lake and Commissioners Park. 

Then it was a walk through the park to see the tulips. We saw most of the larger beds of tulips before we turned around to head back along the lake to the Dow's Lake Pavillion where we had lunch. It was a bit chilly if you were just sitting even in the sun but a perfect day for walking.

After viewing the tulips, we had lunch at the pavilion then headed back to the car and began the ride home. We again had GPS problems as I had set a waypoint to get downtown to avoid construction but never actually went to the waypoint so the GPS was trying to take us back there. So, we went there, just to have to turn around to go home. Now I know how a waypoint works, I thought it was more like selecting a route. 

It was a really nice afternoon. I'm not sure that the tulips were as nice as in some years as we had two very cold nights with frost warnings, but they still are quite spectacular.


  1. The tulips are amazing! Love the gardens and all of the beautiful flowers! What a treat to see them in person!

  2. Hi friends, Ojo here! Those are beautiful photos, but the most beautiful is the picture with YOU in it!


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