Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Activities

Had a good weekend! It didn't snow and I got the painting done that I had planned. I'm doing the hallway and it means taking down a wallpaper border before I can paint. I've done half the hallway now and if things go as planned I should finish next weekend. Last night I went to my sister's place for dinner; it was my niece Jessica's birthday dinner. Today, we had a good agility class, Ceilidh let me layer the dogwalk and did a jump, tire, and tunnel with me on the other side. She was doing the dogwalk at top speed and she still managed to hit the contact zone; let's hope her days of jumping from the dogwalk and teeter are over with.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red Gate Practice

Had a good practice today with Kim and Daisy at Red Gate Arena. Ceilidh surprised me by doing a gamble layered with the frame and to do it she wrapped a jump to the left. Tucker was moving quite fast too, he did some good work on the teeter even letting me layer it with a jump. Neither of them will layer an obstacle with weaves or do weaves independently; something we will have to work on.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My First Blog

Well here goes, my first blog. I've had a web site before but didn't have the time to keep it up; maybe this will be easier. I hope to regularly post about my two Shelties' adventures in agility. We have been trialling now for four years but I am still learning all the time. It amazes me to think of how much we've accomplished and there are still so many challenges ahead. Tucker, my sable Sheltie, I hope will get his Agility Trial Champion this year; he needs only four Qualifying scores. Ceilidh, my bi-black Sheltie needs one Qualifying score for her Advanced Agility Dog but it makes me nervous to think of her competing in Masters. We have a two hour practice time tomorrow and are looking forward to a chance to run some sequences and courses, agility in the snow with my Shelties is nearly impossible and the basement only allows for some foundation training.