Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And the stockings...

were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Paws soon would be there.

And we heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight....


Saturday, December 21, 2013

House Tour

Hey dere, eberybody is me, Beckett. Mums says I gets ta do da Crisp mas blog since Keltic gots to do it last year and he gots to do da blog about da parcel our friend Pippa sent to us all da way from Scot land.  Weese about ready for Santa Paws, Mums is still wrapping pressies but da house is all decorated so weese thought we would give you all a tour. We starts da tour in da family room. We spend a lot of time in dis room and we is aloud on da furniture in here. You can see our stockings are hung waiting for Santa Paws to fill dem up. I hope he thinks we been good boys and gives us some good pressies again dis year. Mums says Keltic might get a rock as he's been chewing da stuff off da tree and da snow man behind me.

Mums put me up on da back of da couch, I really isn't aloud up here but Mums wanted you all to see da lighted tappastree. You can also see da snow man blanket I be sitting on. Reilly, we has lots o snow freaks here but none o dem be real so we aint afeard.  Dis is also in our family room.

Da next room dat Mums has decorated is da live-in room. She has a little village on a table, a Nativity seen and, of course, dere is da Crisp mas tree.

Youse can see da village behind me. Our Auntie Julie made Mums a bigger top for da table last year so Mums has been able to buy some new pieces for da village.  There's lots of dogs and peepuls in da village. Dis is the first thing Mum's puts up and it's da last thing dat gets puts away.

Ise has a good view of da Village from dis couch. Ise isn't normally loud up here needer. Mums bought the Nativity seen two years ago. She was lucky and gots it after Crisp mas when it was on sale.

Also in da live-in room, we has da Crisp mas tree.  Our Uncle Joe hepped Mums get da tree in da house.  It's kinda funny habing a tree in da house but it sure does look purty wid da lights and decorations.

Dis picture is kinda blurry as Mums wanted youse all to see da lights in da tree so she took it wid out da flashy thing. Mums bought some little bits o tin to puts on the tree dis year, she says it be called Victorian tinsel. It's all sparkly wid da lights. Me and Keltic each has an ornament wid our picture in da tree and so does all of my brudders and sisters afore; Mums puts dem in special places on da tree.  Crisp mas is kinda sad some times.

We also has angels on da table in da room; Mums says dey be singing Hark da Herald Angels but I canna hear dem. Maybe der singing be like a dog whistle cepting only peepuls can hear dem.

We would a showed you da dining room too but Mum's is still wrapping pressies and it be a mess in dere so we is gonna end our tour here.

Me an Keltic wants ta wish you all a berry merry Crisp mas from our house ta yours. Hope youse all enjoyed my little tour.

Lots o licks from me Beckett and from Keltic too!

Friday, December 20, 2013