Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wee Bit Irish Birthday

Hey dere eberyone, is me Keltic. Top of the morning to you all and to me too, it be my third birdday.

We celebrated on Sunday wid a cake dat Mums made for me. But afore I coulds have cake she made me and Beckett wear all da funny hats again for pictures. Dis year she even boughted these big green bowties after seeing dem in the da professional photo shoot.

It's tough what we has to put up wid to get cake.  Mums made me a really nice cake though, peanut butter and carrot cake wid cream cheese for da icing. Here it is wid just da icing.

And dere it is all decorated wid shamrocks, just for me. Well I gots to share wid Beckett.

Again Mums had da flashy thing out to take some pictures. Beckett and me was good boys and waited for Mums to finish wid the picture taking but I can tell you I was getting a bit impatient.  We did lot o'BARKING while she was cutting up our piece of cake.

We didn't gets to eat at da table cuz Mums bought a new table cloth and runner for Easter and she didn't want to gets it dirty afore the peeps had a chance to see dem. Beckett and me, we didn't care one bit where we ate as long as we gots CAKE!

Mums says I is all growed up now but I is still da puppy boy cuz I is da youngest so I guess dat means I can still be naughty sumtimes. It's hard bein good all da time.

Mums said she would share wid you da pictures she chosed from da professional photo shoot so her dey is! You see I just had to ham it up in one of dem pictures. And Mums liked it; Beckett, da mama's boy, is always so serious.

I didn't gets my pressies yet, Mums said I will get dem tonight when she gets home from work. She said dat spreadding things out like dis makes celebrating my birdday last longer, so we'll show whats I got for pressies anudder time.  Until den, here's us eating CAKE!.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Naughty and Nice Part II

Keltic is kind of growing out of the naughty stage so I didn't want to stick him with that cookie and Beckett still can have a little naughty in him so in the end they each had half of the Nice cookie and half of the Naughty cookie. It's hard to tell with Keltic, he eats so fast I hardly got a chance to snap a photo. On Beckett's half of the cookies you can see the red and green icing of the letters.  I don't think they cared, they only cared they got COOOKIES!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Naughty or Nice?

These were cookies that Beckett and Keltic got for Christmas from Santa Paws but I never got around to doing a photo shoot until now. I didn't want to let them have them until I did the photo shoot. I was quite surprised Keltic didn't steal one; he's so quick when it comes to food. Beckett is more of a gentleman.

 A friend asked me who was going to get the naughty cookie. So I'll ask all of you my blog friends, who do you think got the naughty cookie?

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Trial

We had a trial this past weekend on 1 Mar 2015. I sure do hope now that February is done we will get some warmer temperatures. This past February was the coldest February on record but, if it's any consolation, not the coldest month on record.

Keltic had two runs and Beckett had three; well two and half, as one run was with his litter sister Hannah. Keltic was up first and his first run was an Advanced Jumpers. He did just awesome but I didn't go in deep enough with him on one jump and he turned with me and missed the jump. I didn't even see it, I knew he had either knocked the bar or missed the jump as I saw the judge's arm go up in the corner of my eye.

I was very happy with the way he ran though. Next up for him was an Advanced Snooker; we got through our opening which was sort of unexpected as the "red" jumps weren't that easy to get to. We faulted on the close when Keltic bailed off the teeter.  The teeter was the number 4 obstacle and we had to get through number 5 to Q which was six weaves. Given our difficulty with weaves in competition we likely would have run out of time trying to get them done, so no Q's for Keltic but he ran really well.

Beckett had three runs, two Master Standards and one Team run. Beckett didn't Q on his first Standard. He popped in the weaves, something strange for him.The team run was the first with his litter sister Hannah.  They didn't Q but did run really well together. They will get a chance for Team Part 2 on Easter weekend.

Beckett's last run was another Standard, no video I'm afraid, but Beckett did wonderfully. We started when the judge said "whenever your ready" only to be whistled after obstacle 5 as the scribe wasn't quite ready so we had to start again. Both times, Beckett nearly stalled at obstacle 5, not sure what caused him to do that. It was a clean run for a Q though; we're slowly chipping away at the Standards he needs for Silver Award of Merit.

We also had some pictures done. A photographer Erika A Photography was at the trial doing a fundraiser for the SPCA and as Keltic was born on St Patrick's day how could I resist.

I'll let you know what shots I chose on Keltic's birthday.