Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Just a couple photographs of me from my basic training days. A bit blurry, but what can you expect when you scan and crop a picture that was taken with film.

In the picture above, I'm in the first row second from the left.  This was our PT kit with our C-Foxes platoon t-shirt which I'm sure wasn't original. The school name was the Canadian Forces Officer Candidate School (CFOCS) pronounced C-Fox.

This photo was taken at a drill practice for the drill competition. I'm in the first row, third from the right. I should have really been in the middle row, but the woman behind me was a bear-walker so they wanted to hide her a bit. A bear-walker is someone who swings both arm and leg on the same side when they walk. Try it, it's hard to do unless you really think about it, most of us swing the opposite arm and leg.

Basic training, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mish Mash Monday

It didn't snow too much on Saturday night but for a while, as you can see, it was came down quite heavy.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ho Hum the Doldrums

Been back to work for two weeks now, this part of the winter is always pretty deary, dull, blah, ho hum. I'm not much of an outdoor person and we've had some terribly cold weather and lots of snow in December so not much has been going on. We've just had a little thaw so at least now there is room to put more snow.

There's no agility trials, at least that I go to, until February and then there's only one; have to wait until March for the trials to really begin.  We have only had a few practices and have only been taking quite short walks. I guess we're lucky to have places to practice indoors. This weekend, we started to get back into the old schedule, going over to the park both mornings to play Frisbee.  Keltic is not much for playing Frisbee, really all he wants to do is steal the Frisbee and then have you chase him.  Now that it's lighter when I get home we'll have to start going over to the park more in the evenings too. 

Squirrel chasing has been a favourite pastime in this snowy weather. Keltic can see them from where he sits in the family room and, if you don't let him out to try and get them, then he's bouncing off the wall.

If only I could climb...
This week we have to do some agility practice in the basement, going to try and start over on the 2 by 2 weaves with Keltic to see if we can improve on his entries. With Beckett, I'm trying to teach him to go out to the far end of the weaves.

Ho Hum....