Friday, December 30, 2011

Grateful, grateful!

This has been a tough year and it's been a little hard to be grateful for all that I have.

First, in March, we had a terrible event in the family that caused a lot of stress and anxiety amongst all of us; then in May, my father passed away from cancer; in June, we lost my niece's Westie Toby to cancer as well, and through it all I've been worried about Tucker's health.

Dad and Timmy
But still when I think that all that I have, I am really lucky. I have a very nice home, a good job, my health, wonderful family and friends, and two wonderful furkids. I am able to enjoy playing agility, travelling, and other outings without having to wonder too much if I have enough money for it all. Beckett and Tucker make me happy even when I'm a little down.

Tucker and Beckett

We had a wonderful Christmas. Not too much snow. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my sister's place with her family. It's nice to have them so close, their love and support is something for which I'm grateful. I hosted a dinner for them, my youngest sister and her daughter yesterday. I am grateful for the time we have together as those special memories will always be with us.

Daniel and Tucker
Jessica opening a gift
A Habs Fan, can't you tell.
I'll spend New Year's Eve with family too and then on New Year's Day will fly out to see my mother and spend some of the holiday with her. Spend time with your parents whenever you can; it's probably the best gift you can give to them.

Mrs Claus?

Mum - Christmas 2011

So even if life brings some hardships, I always try to remember that I am truly blessed, but I sure hope that 2012 will be a little less stressful.

Hope you all have a happy healthy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!

Luv Beckett and Tucker

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Presenting the Tree

My tree for Christmas 2011. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'm thinking maybe I should get some white pointsettias or some ribbon to fill it up a bit more.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Crisp mas is coming...

Hi everyone, is me Beckett. Ise ben reading Ludo's and Denny's, oops I mean Reilly's blogs. Weese ben getting reddy here for Crisp mas too. My Mums ben decorating all da rooms. I really dunno why but she puts up lots of lights and ornomints, she says to get into the spirit of Crisp mas. She says weese gonna get a tree in the house again too.

The family room is decorated with lots o snow mens. They is on the table and fir place mantle.  They is even on the wall ore the couch.

She put a wittle village in the live-in room, I dunno whyse we call it that cuz we don lives in it very much at all. And there's flowers around it called Pointsetters but I don think they'se much like setters at all.

Mums even put some decorations in da baffrooms, even in da one that no one uses, how funny is dat.

Mums says weese got to be good or Santa paws wont bring us our pressies, so Ise trying to be a good boy. Is hard to be good all the time cuz I still likes to emptee the garbage can in the baffrooms for Mums. I cant hardly wait for Santa paws to come, Ise allways gots good pressies from him. 

Denny, don you listen to ebery thins Reilly tells you about Santa paws. Tucker tells me fibs too, big brudders is like that sometimes, mostly tho they is nice to have around.

Good nights ebery one, be good or if you cant be good, be dog, haha thats a joke.

Luv, Beckett

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ssshh don't tell...

I bought the last of Beckett's Christmas gifts tonight: an Angry Birds squeaky toy and The AMAZING Dog Trick Kit.  I probably won't get around to teaching him the tricks but the kit has a flying disc in it. And we all know Beckett loves his Frisbees. Tucker and Beckett will also be getting new Christmas socks and lots of treats. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Angel

10 Nov 1998 to 29 Nov 2011
Photo credit Len Silvester, TTL

This is Shooz. I never met her or even her Mum who I only know from Facebook and the Canine Cancer Yahoo group.  She and Ceilidh along with other dogs either fighting cancer or having lost their battle with cancer were featured in the 2010 Ontario Regionals Championship event catalogue. Ceilidh never got to go to the 2010 Regionals, she lost her fight just before the event. Shooz' valiant two year battle against cancer ended today.

Run fast, run clean Shooz. You're a champion.

Monday, November 28, 2011

He did, he really did...

He did, he really did listen!!! 

Two weeks ago, I told Beckett that I wanted him to get an Advanced Standard Q and an Advanced Jumpers Q at the Dream Fields trial and that he was to get an Advanced Snooker and another Advanced Jumpers Q at the Absolute Agility trial this past weekend.  Well do you know what? That's exactly what he did.  To top that off, I told him Friday evening before the Absolute Agility trial, that if he got his two Q's and, as a result, his Advanced Games Dog title that we could just have fun the rest of the day. Well again, he really did listen and did just that too. He got eliminated from his first Masters Standard event, didn't get the main Gamble in his first Masters Gamblers and skipped some poles in his weaves during Steeplechase. But we sure had fun!!!

We had the same judge as last weekend for our Advanced runs. The Advanced Jumpers had quite a similar layout but the sequence of the obstacles made the course quite a different challenge.  Beckett still did awesome, he had a spin or two so I wasn't sure if we had any faults called against us until the results were posted. He finished with a time of 26.75 seconds and was his third Advanced Jumpers Q which was also good enough for first place. In his Advanced Snooker, I decided to try four reds in the opening. Initially after the fourth red, I was going to send him into the tunnel (obstacle 3), then begin the close by wrapping the tire (obstacle 2) and rear crossing obstacle 3. At the last minute while walking the course, I decided to rear cross the tunnel after doing the red jump, since there are no refusals in the Snooker opening and because Beckett doesn't always like rear crosses on tunnels so then it wouldn't do any harm if he did refuse. That turned out to be a very good decision as you'll see in the video. I also had miscounted and thought we needed the frame for our Q so I was very relieved to hear the judge call six as the buzzer went for time but it turned out we had our points with obstacle five. 

Now we are on an agility hiaitus until February, we still have a couple fun matches and classes, of course, but no trials until then.  I hope to work on Beckett's A-frame and do some distance work that we'll need for Masters events before we trial again. Hopefully those Masters Q's won't be too elusive.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Making Advances

This weekend Beckett and I were at Dream Fields for their last weekend trial of 2011.  Beckett was entered in two Advanced Standards, one Advanced Jumpers and one Advanced Snooker. I told him Friday evening that I wanted one Standard Q and one Jumpers Q from him at this trial.

And, do you know what, I think he listened.

In our first standard run, Beckett had a little difficulty with his weaves, I don't think he collected enough and he popped out at pole 3 which I think he actually ran into; no faults there as he had made the entry. The rest of run was quite nice except that one of my front crosses was a little early and he took a bar down as he tried to turn in mid air. A 5 fault run that still was good enough for the best run of all mini-regular dogs.

The second standard started terribly, I was sure we were faulted for a refusal at the tire (obstacle 5) and then Beckett barrel-rolled out of the chute (obstacle 7) and the thought crossed my mind that things were going from bad to worse. Then I heard the call "No time" from the timer. One of the ring crew had inadvertently stopped the time when she tried to raise the bar on the last jump which had the electronic eyes for the timer. Whew!! We got to start over again. The next run ran so much better, no spin at the tire, no fall at the chute. My front cross was late from the tunnel into the weaves but Beckett still nailed his entry. I held my breath on the dog walk, half expecting him to leap off but he didn't and he sailed over the last jump for his third Advanced Standard qualifying score, another best run for mini-regular dogs and his title of Advanced Agility Dog of Canada.

Next up, was our Advanced Snooker run. We got through the opening and I thought we would be home free from there but coming out of the tunnel (obstacle 3) to the double jump (obstacle 4) , Beckett landed on the second bar of the double; that was the second time this has happened.  I'm going to have to do some more training with the double as I don't think he quite realizes it's coming up and perhaps I need a different verbal command for the double. The spread doesn't seem to cause him any problems but with that jump I'm sure he can see width of the jump which I don't think is as obvious on a double. No qualifying score as we only had 27 points.

Our last run of the day was an Advanced Jumpers. There was a couple tunnel to tunnel entries that I thought would cause a spin or two but Beckett took them quite in stride. We had a beautiful run. On a course with a standard course time of 37 seconds, Beckett finished with a time of 26.99 seconds, running almost at 5 yards per second (4.95 yps to be exact).  This was his second Advanced Jumpers Q and his third best run of the day.

So we made great advances on the weekend and now have only two more qualifying scores to go (one each in Advanced Snooker and Advanced Jumpers) for his Advanced Games title.  Next weekend at the last trial we are entered in for 2011, Beckett will run in his first Masters events. Not too bad, for a young fella who only began competing 11 months ago on 22 January.

Lets hope Beckett was really listening last Friday as I told him I wanted a Snooker and Jumpers Q at the trial this upcoming weekend.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Started

Last weekend, I started decorating for Christmas. It seemed rather strange as it was very warm (and has been all week) for November.  I always put my outdoor decorations up right after Remembrance Day as I'd rather be climbing up and down a ladder when the weather isn't too bad but I don't turn my lights on until the beginning of December. I don't have my Christmas wreaths or my rope light toy soldiers up outside yet, I still think it's a little too early to look too much like Christmas. But I did put out my new little porch tree and decorated the fresh cedar bows that I used to hide the planter box.

I'm going to put up my winter village this weekend. Of the indoor decorations, it is always this first thing to go up and the last to come down. My Christmas tree, since I still get a real one, won't go up until the middle of December.

I also ordered a new Christmas decoration, a pillow of my sheltie boys waiting for Santa under the tree. It will be used in my family room decorations. I sent a picture with a special request to Foxy's Art Box, you can like them on Facebook, and then ordered the design from CafePress. Neat, eh! You can tell by the ears and markings that it is Beckett and Tucker snoozing under the tree.

And I received my first Christmas card today from a friend who will be moving to Israel in a few short days. Her husband is military and he is being posted to Israel as the Defence Attache.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Boo-day!!!

It seems like yesterday that I picked up my boy from the breeder to begin my Christmas holidays. Today, my tiny Tucker is eleven.

He was diagnosed with Cushing's a few months ago and has slowed down quite a bit due to arthritis but he still enjoys his walks (as long as we don't go too far or too fast) and he definately still enjoys his treats.

Tucker was a great Christmas gift!!

He was a happy little guy!!

His big brother Gryffon thought he was the bestest friend!!!

He was usually a gentleman with sister, Ceilidh!!

He's an Agility Trial Champion!!

He taught Beckett a thing or two!!

He speaks volumes with his eyes!!
Happy Birthday, Tucker Boo!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

One Trick Puppy

Beckett got his third Advanced Gambler Qualifying score this weekend so he will now be in Masters Gamblers.  That should be exciting but I'm sure we will find that we have a lot more training to do as you'll see in the video all of his Advanced Gamblers Q's were essentially the same, so maybe he's a one trick puppy.  He actually should have had the first gamble at this trial too, but because I waited for him to stop spinning on his own, we didn't get the gamble in time. The first gamble was out to the far end of a tunnel, 12 weaves and a jump, the buzzer went when Beckett was taking off for the jump.  I've been working on a line up command to bring him in back at my side when he starts to spin, but I never even thought to give it a try.

He did quite well in his first Advanced Standard of the trial but refused the table. He refused the table in the next Standard as well, it was curious. A friend watched our Advanced Jumpers where he spun and refused a jump as I started a rear cross; she said as soon as I decelerated he began to spin.  So now we have something else to train and that will be to get him to go to the table no matter what I do.

We also got another Advanced Snooker Q at this trial. We ran a very nice jumpers course for our Snooker as the only contact on the course was an A-frame and it was the number 7 obstacle. I did four reds, two 5's, one 6 (both were two jump, tunnel combinations) and one 4 (a two jump combo) before starting the close with Beckett. We ran out of time at the A-frame but still had 44 points, a qualifying score is 37 points.

Our next trials are in Nov with one again at Dream Fields and one at Absolute Agility. Beckett now needs only one Advanced Standard for his Advanced Agility Dog title; and one Snooker and two Advanced Jumpers for his Advanced Games Dog title. I'm hoping we can finish them up this year.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

When I Retire

I hope the days will be spent playing agility and the nights dreaming about agility.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Giving Thanks

This weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada; the weather was extremely nice; almost too hot for October.

On Saturday, Beckett, Tucker and I went to Red Gate's Fun Match and we spent a wonderful day doing our favourite pastime. It's a tradition at Red Gate to go out to dinner afterwards. This time we went to a pub called Ballygiblins; the food and the camaraderie were wonderful.

Beckett - Advanced Gamblers

Beckett's Fun Match Standard Runs
On Sunday, I took a drive with Beckett and Tucker. The plan was to go to the Cumberland Heritage Village. It's closed at this time of year but it's still nice to walk the grounds and look at the old houses. Unfortunately, it was the day for the Fall Classic cross country run so it was packed with people. We turned around  and stopped at a public boat launch on the Ottawa River instead. Sunday night I had dinner at my sister's place. It was just three of us for dinner, my sister, my brother-in-law and me. We had a very non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, BBQ Chili pork loin, sweet potato rice pilaf, asparagus, sweet potatoes with turnip and stuffing but it seemed like an autumnal meal just the same. I made pumpkin cream cheese pie for our dessert.

Beckett and Tucker on the Ottawa River
Today, we closed down the Krazy Kanines field for the season. It seemed a shame to do it while the weather was so nice but that's the contract we have the owner of the property. Then I went home, had a quick bite to eat and did some much needed housework.  I finished up just before 3 pm and decided to take a drive back to the Heritage Village.

Fearless Chipmunk
Autumn leaves in the sun

The 1900 House

Tucker and Beckett down on the farm.

It was quite warm so Tucker wasn't up to walking far so we didn't stay very long and, in any case we had to get home to make supper. But it was a wonderful weekend and it made me realize I have so much to give thanks for; my family and friends (even if I don't say it often enough, they mean the world to me), my health (even if my knees are giving me a little grief), my wealth (even though I complain about taxes it allows me to participate in a pastime I enjoy), my home (even if I don't always feel like housecleaning), my dogs (even when I have to clean up after them) and the freedom to enjoy a sunny afternoon (even though it meant the weekend was coming to an end).

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High Flying

This is my agility instructor, she's also a member of  the Ottawa Valley Search and Rescue Team. Her dogs are trained for tracking and as cadavour search dogs.  This was a fund raiser called Drop Zone for Easter Seals; 85 people and one dog made the rappel down an 18 storey building. Crazy or what!!

Over the Edge
Just Hanging Out

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This weekend, Beckett and I trialled at Dream Fields where Beckett saw for the first time rubberized contacts.  In his first run, it appeared that they would make quite a difference as he did a really nice dog walk and teeter but in subsequent runs he had a fly-off on the teeter, leaped from the A-frame and self released on the dog walk.  He did have really nice downs on the table this weekend so maybe he likes laying on rubber.

We didn't get either Q's we were hoping to get, the Standard or the Gamble, but he did get two really nice Q's; one Advanced Jumpers and one Advanced Snooker. In Jumpers, he came second to another of his Sheltie buddies, a blue merle named Jasper.  Beckett's time was 29.30 seconds on a course that had a standard course time of 40 seconds. Jasper's time was 28.46 seconds.

The other qualifying score we got this weekend was, in my opinion anyway, a blazing fast Advanced Snooker. Starting from the bottom right of the course map, we did red (one), then six a, b, and the far entry of the tunnel for c, then red (one) in the top right corner followed by the teeter, then red and four. It was really messy handling getting to four but we made it. Then it was the red (bottom left) to the weaves for five.  Then it was the close, which ran so smooth. I thought the weave entry might be hard but Beckett was bang on his weave entries this weekend. We finished the close with a very nice teeter, then we ran the line of jumps to get back to the finish to stop the time at 55.25 seconds. I was told when the judge called the 7 for the closing teeter that the time was just over 46 seconds. 

Beckett's Snooker run was also good enough for best run for the Mini-Regular dogs. When my handling is good, Beckett is just an awesome dog to run.

Monday, September 19, 2011


If you haven't seen the video Bad Beckett Moments, you should watch it and you'll see the issues we are dealing with at the moment.

Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I'll retrain Beckett to do running contacts.  In the mean time, we are trying to re-establish two on two off as the criteria for his A-frames and to get him to drive down to the target position faster.  So this week at Red Gate, we did a lot of work on the table and the frame, trying to make both of those places, a really good, exciting place to be. 

I had noted at the last trial that the only time Beckett was seeing the small table was at a trial and wondered if that had anything to do with him not wanting to go down since he's used to the larger table. So at this practice, we only did the table using the small table.  I just told him to table and gave no other command, neither the verbal or the hand sign.  Once he went down, I rewarded the down with food and, once given the release, I rewarded the whole table behaviour with play.  Hopefully, this table work will result in Beckett going down on the table on his own this weekend at Dream Fields.  One more clean run in an Advanced Standard and he won't see the table any more.

On the A-frame, I added hoops to get him to put his head down and come right to the bottom of the frame.  We also worked with the table at the side, so we could work just the target position and not the whole A-frame. We added the target dish and ham to build value for coming to the target postion quickly. It seemed to have some success.  We also worked the 2o2o position with me calling out words other than his release word and by lots of movement (off camera so you can't see me jumping around like an idiot).  I'm going to build-up value with a variety food on the target dish and once that's solid, we'll try using his favourite thing a frisbee.

I'm still going to make a hit-it box and do the flat work for a running A-frame over the winter.  That won't affect how Beckett currently does the frame as for him there won't be any connection to the frame. Next spring, I can make the decision (or not) to try a running A-frames.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Days

Again this year, I took advantage of a program that lets me take leave without pay for up to 12 weeks but have my residual salary evenly split over the year. I had the month of Aug off work and will have most of January as well. 

My first weekend off, I went camping with some agility friends, then the next weekend I headed off to New Brunswick to visit my mother. My sister Juanita and her husband were also there as was my sister Annette and her daughter Amber. Actually Annette, Amber and I shared a hotel room while Juanita and Joe stayed at his parents.  My sister Karen and her daughters Alyssa and Kayla came over from Prince Edward Island during the week for a couple visits as well.

We took my Mum out shopping on Monday. Luckily, my parent's house had not yet sold so I was able to leave Tucker and Beckett at the house a couple times during the week.  The agility demonstration was on Tues and although we had concerns with the weather, it was a great sucess.  Wednesday evening, Annette, Amber and I went to the casino which was located next door to our hotel. We had a good evening. I won a whopping $21 but then I only played $5. Amber won $60 and she paid for our drinks and snacks after we had finished being high rollers. Thursday, Annette, Amber and I drove to the Gateway Village in Borden, PEI and met up with Karen and Kayla. We spent the morning shopping and had lunch together before heading back to Moncton. 

On Friday, Annette and Amber went with Joe and Juanita to visit a winery and Hopewell Rocks, while I went to Riverside Agility with Beckett and Tucker. Beckett got his first official measurement recorded on his AAC card. We had a very nice weather that weekend for agility. Beckett got two qualifying scores, one in Advanced Standard (his second) and his first in Steeplechase. On Saturday night, there was a lobster supper.  Karen and Kayla, who had joined me for the afternoon, stayed for the supper and then spent the night with me at the hotel as Annette and Amber had left for home that day. On Sunday, an agility friend, who was down visiting her family, drove all the way from Fredricton to cheer Beckett and me on. I spent another day in Moncton just visiting with my Mum before heading back home on Tuesday, 16 August. 

Once back home, I had great plans of doing many tasks around the house that some how for the most part didn't get done.  My parents house did sell so there were a couple visits to the lawyer's office to sign all the documents as well as doing a number of other calls and letters for my Mum's pensions and insurance benefits.  I still have more of that to do.

On the Labour Day weekend, I went to Guides Canins in St Lazare, Quebec for the first time to do an agility trial there with Beckett. We went up on Friday and camped on site Friday and Saturday night. They have a wonderful facility that even includes hot showers in the training facility. Beckett got his second measurement needed to sign off his card so he now is officially a 16" Regular dog. The funny thing was that the same judge (from Nova Scotia) who measured him in New Brunswick was doing the measurements Saturday morning, so we had to wait until another judge showed up to get Beckett's recorded. There were no Q's during the weekend but some pretty awesome runs.  Beckett's Advanced Jumpers was one of the fastest, even faster than many of the 22" dogs, but my handling caused two refusals on tunnels.  He also had a 30 point opening in Advanced Snooker using all four reds, two sixes (a combination obstacle) and two sevens (which was 12 weaves).

I went back to work the Tuesday after Labour Day, boy, did 5 am come early but there was lots of work to keep me busy and the week went by pretty quick.

This past weekend, we went to the All Dogs trial. For me, this trial marks the end of summer as it is the last outdoor trial of the season for us.   Beckett got an Advanced Gamblers Q, his second, so now we need one more to move up to Masters.

Beckett - Advanced Gamblers - ADSC Sep 2011

We also had an Advanced Snooker that made me think on feet. I had planned to do three 7's (the teeter) but when we were coming around to do the teeter a second time, Beckett took the one of the jumps of the number 6 combo, so I had to change my plan on the fly.  We were doing good until, in the close, Beckett took the 6a jump in the wrong direction. That error came in handy for the Advanced Jumpers where the Snooker set up of the combination 5a, 5b, 5c, and the combination 6a, 6b and 6c was the same as obstacles 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 so I knew to use a false turn and his name between obstacles 5c and 6a to avoid the same problem. He had just an awesome Advanced Jumpers but he didn't like the rear cross that I did between two of the jumps and he spun incurring a refusal. The rest of the run was beautiful and he finished the course in a time of 29.18 seconds.

The problems we've been having on the A-frame and table just got worse. Beckett did have a little bit of Sheltitude this weekend and there are obviously some issues that we have to work on, but he sure is fun to run and he has a work ethic like you wouldn't believe. At our next trial, we'll see rubberized contacts for the first time, that should be interesting.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Senior's Moment

While I was home this summer, we did an agility demonstration at the nursing home where my mother resides.  A woman from a local agility club, whose husband works at the residence, was kind enough to help me out with her Australian Shepherd, Gaffer.  She was also able to help out with equipment and brought two tunnels and some additional jumps. 

Tina and Gaffer
The weather in New Brunswick hadn't been great this summer and we wondered if we were even going to be able to hold the demonstration. Tuesday was scheduled for the demo with Wednesday as a rain date.  The weather on Tuesday wasn't great. But with the forecast for Wednesday getting worse, we decided to set up on Tuesday and hope for the best. We set up on the front lawn so that seating for the residents could be on two side walks and some people could also watch from their rooms or from the corridor joining Canterbury and Monarch Halls. We were lucky, and although it was rather fresh, the rain held off.
Audience at Monarch Hall
We each took turns and did some runs with our dogs. Mistakes got the most laughs and the end of each run was greeted with applause. We then tried a down and back race. That didn't work out too well as Gaffer didn't like having another dog on course with him. 

Beckett and Gaffer head to head racing.
I had also taught Beckett to jump through hoops so that I could get some people out to hold them so they would be more a part of the demonstration. I should really see for next time if I can cover them with tissue and have him break through when he jumps.

My niece, Amber videoed for us but I didn't make sure of the video setting or tell her how to zoom so the quality isn't all that great.
Catching Frisbees was also a hit!

Beckett jumping.

Even Tucker got excited to show off his stuff and did a few jumps, some weaves and a tunnel.  Maybe it was the thought of Beckett getting all the hot dogs that had him agitated. Anyway, I think everyone enjoyed the dogs and the staff said they would like to have a demonstration every year. It would be really nice to have a teeter and a few more dogs. We had fun and it was probably something a little different to the normal activities for the residents. I hope we can do a demonstration next year too.

Monday, August 1, 2011

In the Swim of Things

We started our vacation with a girl's (and their dogs) weekend at Fitzroy Provincial Park which is only about an hour away from Ottawa. We had wonderful weather, perhaps a tad bit hot for Shelties but no rain and the humidity wasn't bad at all.

Our Campsite

Quite the tent, Beckett.
We were a smaller group than expected as some people had to work, others had family functions or childhood illnesses to contend with but those of us who went had a great time, hiking, swimming, playing games, and enjoying camp fires.

Lyne, Jasmine and Fannie

Lisa, Walter and Lucy

Helen (Me), Beckett and Walter

For me, the highlight of the weekend camping trip was Beckett's first swimming lesson. I'm not sure he'll ever like to swim but he did seem a little more relaxed by the time he got out. At first, he was doing the air swimming, where his front paws were coming right out of the water, then he started to relax just a little bit once he realized he wasn't going to sink.  When I sat down in the water, he put his front paws over my arm and just floated there. I don't think without the life jacket, he would have been able to relax as much as he did. He was very happy to get out; although it at least cooled him off a bit.

All in all it was a relaxing weekend, well maybe Beckett doesn't think it was so relaxing.

Having fun yet, Beckett?