Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Last RPod Adventure for this Summer

Last week, we went to Robert Moses State Park, just the other side of the St Lawrence River from Cornwall, Ontario.  It was quite an easy drive despite the long detour I had to make because of a bridge being replaced. I arrived before my sister and brother-in-law and since my site was pretty wide and there was a nice grass verge alongside the road, I decided to try and park Podrick myself. I did pretty well, only had to jockey back and forth about three times. I would have liked it further over in the campsite but where it was, it was pretty level, so that's where he stayed.

To get to the park you have to go through a tunnel that goes under the Eisenhower lock, part of the St Lawrence Seaway. The visitors' center is being rebuilt and the new center is due to open next year so maybe another trip back will be in order. We didn't see any ships going through the lock without WiFi or cell service there wasn't a way for us to check the schedule. 

Photo credit: Maureen

Our first day in the park we just took a walk over to see the dam and the marina then over to the beach. On our way over, we had just mentioned that there must be deer in the island when a doe and her fawn crossed the trail ahead of us.

Main beach - Robert Moses State Park

The next day we took quite a drive to go to the Township 7 Brewery. It was beautiful farming country and we saw lots of Amish families in their horse drawn vehicles and working on the farms.

After getting back to the campground, I took Teddy and Liam down to the river to cool off. There was a path from another campsite that went down to a nice private little beach. Liam was having nothing to do with coming in the water once I had his lifejacket on.  Teddy loves chasing waves and wading but is not really keen on swimming.

We always eat well when camping. On this trip, we had to be flexible with our plans. The meal we had this night had been delayed from the previous evening due to rain and on our last night we ended up going out to supper again due to the rain. This peach pork tenderloin with potatoes and asparagus was my main meal contribution.

Despite the rain, we had a fire each night and had some great sunsets. There was a path down to the shoreline at my campsite too.  

Border marker, but really the border is in the river.

On our last day we went over the nature center in the park. The trails are dog friendly, so after taking a short hike I put the dogs back in the car and we explored the nature center. It poured rain while we were visiting there so had to wait out the rain. Luckily, the nature center has free WiFi and comfortable seating.

After it cleared up, I went for a little drive. There were signs for a picnic area where I thought I'd be able to let the dogs loose, but it was gated off. Along the road though, I saw about a dozen deer, many turkeys and numerous Canada geese. And who knew, we were halfway between the equator and the North Pole.

We took our time getting ready to leave on the last day since it wasn't a long drive home, and we still were able to leave the campsites by the checkout time. The drive home went well, except for a tire blow out when I was only about 30 minutes from home.. I called CAA and messaged my sister as CAA had said it could be three to four hours to get service. My BIL made it out to me and had the tire changed before CAA arrived. So now Podrick needs new shoes again. I'll probably wait until next spring to buy them. It came up in my FB memories today that he got those shoes on this day in 2019. 

That's another summer of camping done. Just finished and I'm already thinking of next year. 


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful on your camping trips and that peach tenderloin looks absolutely delicious! Thank goodness your blowout wasn't too far from home!

  2. I grew up in Niagara Falls NY. Although I don't think I ever visited Robert Moses Park, I did spend a lot of time visiting Fort Niagara Park, Joseph Davis Park, and all the sites around the Falls in NY and Canada. Glad you had a good visit. Too bad about the blown tire, though.

  3. It looks really beautiful there. My mom keeps telling me that I need to take a trip to the Thousand Islands area. Maybe next summer I will plan a dog friendly trip.


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