Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ceilidh Run Away

At the same time as I did Tucker's video, I did one for Ceilidh. For her video, I chose the song Run Runaway by Great Big Sea. It's funny I had listened to that song many many times but it wasn't until I did the video that I actually heard the lyrics, " I like black and white, dream in black and white", quite a good choice of music for my little Bi-Black sheltie. I can't wait for the agility season to start and do more videos, highlights and perhaps a blooper reel.


  1. Just watched your videos again. I love Tucker's easygoing steadiness and Ceilidh's hyper excitedness.

    Can't wait to see more videos. Don't hesitate to ask me to video for you anytime eh. Thank goodness agility season starts up again soon!

  2. Yes I wish I could blend their styles and have a hyper but steady dog. Is that an oxymoron??


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