Monday, August 1, 2011

In the Swim of Things

We started our vacation with a girl's (and their dogs) weekend at Fitzroy Provincial Park which is only about an hour away from Ottawa. We had wonderful weather, perhaps a tad bit hot for Shelties but no rain and the humidity wasn't bad at all.

Our Campsite

Quite the tent, Beckett.
We were a smaller group than expected as some people had to work, others had family functions or childhood illnesses to contend with but those of us who went had a great time, hiking, swimming, playing games, and enjoying camp fires.

Lyne, Jasmine and Fannie

Lisa, Walter and Lucy

Helen (Me), Beckett and Walter

For me, the highlight of the weekend camping trip was Beckett's first swimming lesson. I'm not sure he'll ever like to swim but he did seem a little more relaxed by the time he got out. At first, he was doing the air swimming, where his front paws were coming right out of the water, then he started to relax just a little bit once he realized he wasn't going to sink.  When I sat down in the water, he put his front paws over my arm and just floated there. I don't think without the life jacket, he would have been able to relax as much as he did. He was very happy to get out; although it at least cooled him off a bit.

All in all it was a relaxing weekend, well maybe Beckett doesn't think it was so relaxing.

Having fun yet, Beckett?


  1. Well, I'd say Beckett looks like he almost enjoyed swimming (But he'll never admit it!).

  2. It was a fun weekend! I'm glad you included the games in your definition of a "great time" ;-) You and Lyne are great sports and even better company!

  3. Brave Beckett -glad the weather cooperated for you all :)

  4. Looks like a great place to go!
    YAY for Beckett!!


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