Monday, July 23, 2012

Camper Dogs

This past weekend, we went camping with some friends and their dogs. It's the third summer in a row we've gone for a weekend and our second summer at Fitzroy Provincial park, which is about an hour away from Ottawa.


At our campsite sitting and relaxing with dogs.

We are currently in a level 2 drought in our area so there was a complete campfire ban. It wasn't so bad without a campfire but the water levels were also very low so we weren't able to swim at the boat launch like we did last year. There was a couple places where the smaller dogs could swim so Beckett got his second swimming lesson and Keltic got his first. When I was out in the water with Keltic, Beckett actually came in swimming on his own, he had his life jacket on so that maybe helped out his confidence a bit. Most places though,we could only wade.

Beckett, Keltic and I wading in the Carp River.

Keltic and Beckett on the dock near the boat launch on the Ottawa river.

The water should be two to three feet higher than in the pictures. Last year there were pools deep enough to cover you when you sat down in the Carp river and we could swim in the Ottawa river near the dock. Not so this year.

We did get close to nature though. We had squirrels, chipmunks, quail and many grackles but we also had this lovely lady come into the river bed just near our campsite.

A deer probably looking for water and food.

Lucy watches the deer from our campsite.
We also had some not so welcome visitors who put in a appearance at our campsite. You know those black and white kitties, also known as skunks. Luckily, they were just passing through and didn't stop by to grace us with their presence.

For Keltic, it was his first camping trip. He didn't mind sleeping in the tent at all. The first night though he was up at 5:40 am and after taking him out to do his business, he then just wanted to play but the second night he slept until 8:10 am, must have been all the fresh air.

Beckett and Keltic - afternoon siesta
We'll be going on another camping trip later this summer to Presquile Provincial park and before that we'll be going to stay at a cottage near the beach in Point du Chene, NB. I hope that I'll be able to find a spot where I can walk dogs on the beach.

We like camping but it's good to get home to a nice shower and soft bed. But I can't wait for the next camping trip either. Funny that!


  1. Prince Edward County!!! camp in PEC

  2. Looks like a great time. We all need some rain though:)

  3. Sorry about the water but looks like you guys had fun anyway.

  4. Looks like you had a great time :) I'll send some rain torrential here! Agility shows being cancelled because of it :(

  5. We were all covered by this very thin dust. The good side is sweeping off the tent was very easy work.


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