Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Trial

We went to our last trial for 2012 this past weekend.  I only went on Sunday as the trial location is about an hour away and I didn't want to have two drives home in the dark and because there was no Snooker event on Saturday. Beckett only needs (still) two Snooker and three Gamblers for his title of Agility Trial Champion.

We did six events on Sunday, two Standards, two Gamblers, one Snooker and one Jumpers. The only Q we got was in the last event the Jumpers. This course ran really nice, even the parts I thought would be tough. We very nearly had an off course when Beckett almost took the wrong entrance to obstacle 9. I hadn't even seen that as a trap as I was so far away from that tunnel mouth as I had gone up the left side of jump 8.  The allowable course time was 48 seconds and Beckett did the course in 39.81.  It wasn't extremely fast for him and so we finished in third place.

The first run of the day was a five-fault Masters Standard. I can't say it's Beckett's fault as I felt like I was behind him for most of the course, well at least from after the tunnel under the frame.  When I say I was behind, I mean my commands and body cues were late. I could tell as he was barking at me. What is nice to see is how far down the frame and dog walk he is coming with the running contact now.

The other Standard run was a train wreck and we got eliminated for an off-course.  Beckett did have two nice openings in his Gamblers but again wouldn't do the main Gambles. In Snooker, we had a very nice opening. Then as we started the close, Beckett missed his weave entry, since it was only obstacle 3 we didn't have enough points to Q.

It was a nice day overall. Keltic got to play with a Sheltie buddy from this summer. Beckett got to play Frisbee between events. And we won a volunteer prize, a rawhide star filled with rawhide treats that Beckett and Keltic will get as part of their Christmas gifts.

So Beckett still needs 5 Q's for his ATChC but now he only needs four more Jumpers Q's for his Expert Jumpers Bronze. So all in all 2012 was quite a good year, he added Master Jumpers, Steeplechase and Master Standard titles to his list of accomplishments.

Go Beckett Go!!


  1. No matter what you guys are just awesome at this stuff, Bites would just laugh if some one tried to get him to do any of this, He may be AKC, but he ain't qualified to do poop. Do lots of training and go for it next year guys!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

    1. Susie and Bites, agility is not the thing for all doggies but there are four Scottish Terriers on the AAC Top Dogs list so it is possible.

  2. That first weave entry was amazing! Becket runs a lot like Chewy, who spins/barks when I'm not fast enough with my cues.

    COngratulations on a very successful year!

    1. Thanks. I'm sure the spinning and barking is entirely a Sheltie thing. I've seen lots of other dogs bark but not spin and bark.

  3. You'll need to get some videos up :) Sounds like you had a nice last competition! Both look nice flowing courses.

  4. Nice run! Congrats on winning the volunteer prize. Thats always a plus.

  5. Congratulations! You guys won one of the mini-mittens! Please check out our post and send us your mailing address.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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