Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gamble Q

My friend Cathie posted the video of our Gamblers qualifying score from our trial at AARF the other weekend.  As I said in that post, I knew Beckett could do this main gamble if only he would go out to the tunnel without spinning. Usually when I have to stop on the line, he stops too and starts to spin and bark so then we get a refusal for the gamble and our run is over.

In this run, Beckett took off like a flash for that tunnel; not sure I could have even called him off.

Now, if he would only do the Gambles like that all the time or even most of the time, then maybe it won't be as long as I thought until he gets his Masters Gamblers title.

Go Beckett Go!!


  1. Wow, Helen! You and Beckett are actually AMAZING to me at agility! One day, I hope to be as good as you guys!
    Have a super week!
    Pippa :)


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