Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh So Close!

We had a trial this past weekend at Morning Star. I'd only been to their new location once before; it's at the Seahawk horse arena in Morton, Ontario.  When I first registered for the trial, Beckett still didn't have his Master Snooker title so we registered for the two Gamblers and the two Snookers; after he got his title, we e-mailed the trial secretary and changed one of our Snooker runs for a Standard. That ended up working out well as the Standard was earlier in the day and I was able to get home in time to go to my nephew's place for a BBQ.

First up was the two Gambles, when I saw the course maps, I knew the first one was entirely "doable" for Beckett.

The number 3 jump of the main Gamble was even a little more in line with the dog walk than shown on the map.  I didn't waste any time trying the mini, although a lot of dogs did successfully complete the mini gamble. I just took Beckett over the double with a post turn to get the 4 point jump twice, then up through the tunnels to the frame then to the weaves which we did twice, followed by the teeter. We were taking the single jump just past the teeter when the buzzer went, I got Beckett back up the main Gamble and sent him out to the tunnel. He gave me a heart attack by coming back out to me on the line and I thought "oh no, I'll never get him back to the dog walk"; I just thought he would bark and spin. But  I told him "walk-it" and off he went like a flash, up and over the dog walk. He did the last two jumps of the gamble like they were the only things on his mind.

So this was our third Masters Gamblers Q, just one more his Masters Gamblers title. The run was only good enough for 4th place as all the other 16" dogs who Q'd also did the mini so they had more points than Beckett.

The second run was also a Gamblers. A fourth Masters Gamblers Q will also give Beckett his Agility Trial Champion title so I had to find someone to video the next run. We've been working on get-out but I didn't think in a trial environment that he would do it. I knew the jump, teeter wouldn't be a problem and I was right, that part Beckett got. He jumped off from the side of the teeter and took the decoy jump, so no second Gamblers Q but there's always next time.

Next up was the Standard run, it was a nice run but Beckett jumped off the teeter so I put him back on it, three times before he would hold his contact. I don't ask for a two on two off but he is supposed to wait for the release word. Even with being put back on the teeter three times, Beckett still finished the course with time to spare.

Our last run of the day was a Masters Snooker, since we had the chance to practice the teeter in the Standard, I decided to do the teeter a few times, twice in the opening and once in the close.

It worked, we did the red near the start line followed by obstacle 7, then ran to the inside red at the back to the teeter, then the red between the teeter and dog walk, then started our close. Beckett ran nicely but then on the teeter gave me another heart attack. He jumped from the teeter and I was sure he missed the contact, we needed to complete obstacle 6 to Q. I waited a split second to hear the judge's whistle; it didn't come so we finished obstacle 7 before the 55 second running time was up.  Another Snooker Q and good enough for first place.  A friend told me as we came out of the ring that he had barely touched the yellow contact zone on the last teeter.

So all in all a great day. We played Frisbee in the paddocks. Keltic got to run around too, even ran away a couple times to meet and greet other people and dogs.  I leave his leash on so he is easy to catch, when he stops running that is.

I've been tracking Beckett's Q's once he gets his Agility Trial Champion title, he will also be close to the first post ATChC title which is Bronze Award of Merit.  For that title, you need 25 Games and 10 Standard Q's. Beckett has the 25 Games Q's already as all of his Steeplechase count for that so he will just need 5 more Standard Q's. We are also close to his Bronze Expert Jumpers, for that you need ten Q's and Beckett has 8. So we are oh so close to many of our goals for this year.

Go Beckett Go!


  1. That's awesome Helen! I'm sure you will meet many of those goals in no time!


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