Monday, June 24, 2013

Sandbanks Weekend

This past weekend we went camping at Sandbanks Provincial Park; it's about a 3 hour drive away.  It was the first time I had been to this park. You have to book well in advance, we booked in January to get these dates.

The weather forecast wasn't promising, we even thought about what we would do if was raining the day we were to leave but Friday was a beautiful day so we took a chance that weekend would be fine and headed out.

On our arrival, we went to our camp site and got set up. My site wasn't too private but it worked out all right. There was a nice couple across the way so no kids right beside us to get Beckett and Keltic barking.

Our Sandbanks home.
After setting up we went to one of the dog beaches. This one was in walking distance of our campsite.  It was quite crowded with people and their dogs so no chance of a game of Frisbee here for Beckett and Keltic certainly wasn't getting off leash. After our walk it was time for dinner and then for our first campfire of the weekend. The best thing about camping is just taking your time to do the things you want, no schedule, no rush.

The next morning after a nice breakfast, we headed out to find the farm that an another agility enthusiast and her husband recently bought. They aren't living there yet but hope to by the end of the year so right now it is probably the world's largest private dog park. Here Beckett got to play Frisbee and Keltic was allowed to roam freely.

A game of Frisbee

A view of one of the many fields

A little refreshment

Taking a break

Playing in the meadow

Afterwards we went to the other dog beach, this one was a little more remote from the campgrounds so there were not nearly as many people.  Here would have been a good place to take the dogs swimming had it been a little later in the summer or had spring been a little warmer but we just walked along the beach. Again Beckett got to play Frisbee but a Frisbee covered with sand isn't as much fun.

Beckett on the beach

Lake Ontario

I think someone has treats!
We got back in time to have a little lunch before we got some afternoon rain but that was okay as the plan for the afternoon was relaxation including taking a nap. The dogs were pretty tired after a long morning, Beckett crashed in the tent for a nice long nap even Keltic was less busy. I played Mahjong, read a bit and napped as well. The rain let up in time to have supper and to have a nice evening around the campfire.   It started to rain sometime after 10:30 and boy did it pour.  I worried about having to take things down in the rain let alone wet but we were lucky and at about 7:40 am the rain stopped and the sun came out. I got up and had a leisurely breakfast and slowly packed things up. Most of my stuff was fairly dry before it was packed away.

We took the scenic route home by way of the Glenora ferry, then by way of a route that followed the shore line of Lake Ontario. It was very pretty drive.

Glenora Ferry
On the boat

The boys

The crossing

We got home a little after supper time, got the car unpacked and the dogs fed before relaxing for the evening.  Today, Monday is a holiday in Quebec so I have the day off, bonus. Only two days at work this week then we head off for the Canada Cup. The camping gear is out of the car and the agility gear is back in the car ready for next weekend. Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing trip for both you and the dogs.

  2. OMD what a great weekend, Bo Mom & Dad & Us just loves that stuffs, really looks like a wonderful place!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend. I dont think I could do tent camping anymore. No air conditioning, No way. LOL

  4. It was fun. Glad you liked the scenic drive :-)

  5. I like the tent picture. Keltic looks so relaxed by the picnic table.

  6. Sounds like you all had a fab time! Looks lovely! Good Luck for the weekend :)

  7. That sounded super Helen! I've always wanted to go camping! That camp site must have been really nice, especially cus it was next to a beautiful beach! I saw in one of your photos that you have one of those water bottle bowl thingies. I have one too, but it leaks a lot!
    Pippa :)


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