Saturday, October 19, 2013

For Pippa Sheltie

Halloween Hat and Collar
Pippa, get your peoples to comment on our blog with their mailing address and our Mums will send you the hat and collar.  It will be too late for Halloween, but if you have a fancy dress party or a pantomime to go to maybe you could wear them then.  Our Mums said to tell your peeps that she won't post the comment with your address.

We thinks the hat looks like the sorting hat in Harry Potter.

Lots of licks Beckett and Keltic


  1. We got a reply from Pippa and her people. Below is part of her comment. The Halloween hat and collar will be in the mail tomorrow.

    "On my goodness, I'm so sorry I didn't see this on Saturday!
    Oh Helen, this is just too nice of you! I wasn't expecting this! Of course, I can give you my people's address (although its usually Eve who does the blog), but would you be able to email us your address so we can send you back something from Scotland?
    Aw, this is so thoughtful, I'm so grateful!
    Pippa :)"


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