Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First Advanced Q

Well it's been awhile but I was kind of disappointed at our last agility trial and didn't feel too much like writing. Our last trial was the Saturday of Easter weekend. We had entered six Steeplechase runs, four for Beckett and two with Keltic. It was a beautiful spring day, we haven't had many of those yet. We had a nice drive the trial site and arrived in plenty of time to set up and walk around; the venue is an equestrian centre with many large paddocks to walk the dogs in.

Beckett and I were the second dog on course, I no sooner took off when I felt something pop. I had pulled a hamstring muscle in the same leg that had the calf muscle tear last year. I tried to run the course but couldn't keep up with Beckett. The next run was Keltic's,again I couldn't keep up so rather than make things worse, I scratched Beckett from the rest of his runs. Keltic, since he had run with someone else last summer, I decided I would ask a friend to run him for me in his second run. I probably could have put him in all of Beckett's events but since Keltic has decided he can't weave, there wasn't much point. Keltic ran really well for Jack; at first I didn't think he was going to go but he took off and stayed with Jack throughout the course. After Keltic's second run, we packed up and made the nearly two hour drive home, sitting that long was a little painful. I withdrew from our May trial and am hoping that the leg will be healed by the time of the Regional Championships in June.

The trial the weekend before Easter had much better results. Keltic had two qualifying scores, one in Advanced Jumpers, his first Advanced Q and one in Starter Standard, his first Std Q. It wasn't a pretty Q since because he won't weave on his own I have to guide him through them. The course time was 78 seconds and we took over 74 to complete the course; he should be around the 50 to 60 second range. He also had a good Starter Snooker run, we finished our opening and were running the close; we just needed for Keltic to complete the teeter for the Q but Keltic decided he had done enough teeters;  he put his front feet on the teeter and just stopped. Keltic needs that one Snooker Q for his Starter Games title and two more Standard for his Agility Dog of Canada title but until he's weaving again, I won't be putting him in a Standard.

Beckett had not a bad weekend. He got a Steeplechase Q, his 22nd. Part of the reason why the injury Easter weekend was so disappointing as Beckett only needs three more Steeplechase for his Bronze Expert Steeplechase title and I had thought it might be possible to have finished that title. Beckett had a 5 fault Standard and a Standard that was a total train wreck.
The leg is feeling better but I haven't tried to run yet.  We start classes outdoors the week of 12 May so we'll see, until then we will be taking it easy.


  1. Oh no not your leg? We send healing vibes and hope it gets better so you can run again. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sorry your runs didn't go a planned. Hope you heal up so the next ones go much better!

  3. Hope you're on the mend, and back to agility soon! Keltic lookedgreat, he loves agility :)

  4. Love that Jumpers run! He was really moving. Fun little guy.

  5. Oh nope your okay. Nice run :)


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