Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Camping Weekend

Two weeks ago we went camping with some friends and their dogs, we've done it for a number of years now, choosing a different provincial park nearly every year. We missed last year though as there just wasn't a weekent that worked for all of us.

This year we went to Presqu'ile Provinical Park. It's one of my favourite parks in Ontario; it's small size makes it perfect for a weekend get-a-way as you don't feel like you have to rush to see the park. We had two camp sites since you are only allowed to have two cars on a site. 

Camp site
Lisa and I got there at check-in time around 2pm, Lyne arrived later at about 4 pm.  Lyne and I were sharing a site so after helping her set up her tent we sat down for supper. Lyne and I have started doing what another friend and I did for our first night supper and that is to have pate, cheeses, cold cuts, baquette, crackers and wine.  It means that the first night you aren't so rushed to get set up and to make dinner.  After supper and an evening stroll, we had the first campfire of the weekend.

The next morning after a plan B (I'll leave that story to Lyne) breakfast, we went to the old lighthouse where we would be able to begin a hike on one of the park trails.  At the lighthouse, we first took the short foot path that takes you down to the shore and seawall. 

Beckett and Keltic on the seawall

After getting directions to the trail head, we headed off to hike the longest trail in the park, which was some 4.5 kilometers. Just as we started we met some people who had just finished the trail, they said it was very buggy but I didn't find it bad at all. Usually when people say that, you find you get eaten alive by black flies or mosquitos and while there were mosquitos, they weren't too bad.

Keltic wishing his Mum would hurry up

Well deserved break

 We went back to the campground for a late lunch after our hike, then Lyne and I went down to the shore so the dogs could have a swim while Lisa took a nap. That evening for supper, I made chicken with dill and white wine with brussel sprouts and potatoes. The recipe came from a blog (see the link below). I would do the chicken again as it was quite easy but I wouldn't use the spice recipe that was used as both Lyne and I found it a bit salty.  I had par cooked the potatoes but hadn't done the brussels, if I did this recipe again I would also par cook the brussels before frying them.  We ended the evening with some games and another campfire.

The next day, we were off hiking again. This time we did the two shortest trails, the Marsh Boardwalk and the Jobe's Woods trail. We did the Marsh Boardwalk in the morning before lunch and then drove the parkway road to the day use area and had a picnic lunch before continuing on to the Jobe's Wood trail.

View of the marsh
Marsh Boardwalk Viewing Tower

On the Jobe's Woods trail
Fairy mushrooms

 We all ended the day with a nap. Dinner on this last night was filet mignon with fried red and yellow peppers with onions and potatoes with sour cream. We drove back to the day use picnic area so we could let the dogs off leash for just a little bit; then back at the campsite, it was time for our final campfire of the weekend. 

The last morning we packed up and headed to a friend's farm so the dogs could have a bit of an off-leash walk. Away from the water, where it had been quite comfortable weather, it was very hot and humid so we only did once around a mown hay field before going into the shade of the barn and chatting for a while,  then we hit the road again this time for home. I got in around 7 pm, I got my little trailer into the garage, the cooler, the dog's stuff and my kit bags out of the car but all the rest of the unpacking waited until the next morning.

A walk down on the farm
More memories of a great camping trip. I have one more camping trip this summer down to Letchworth State Park in New York; I hope that the weather will be as nice as we had for Presqu'ile.  Next year, we are planning to go to Algonquin Provinical Park which is closer and much bigger than Presqu'ile.


  1. The shoreline is just beautiful. Xxoo MaddiethePug

  2. Looks like everyone had a pawsome time camping.

  3. It looks like a beautiful place to camp and hike. I have never heard of that park (mind you I retired from camping several decades ago as a teenager after a 5 week camping trip with my family lol!)

  4. what a great time! I would love to do that!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time. I love the fairy mushrooms. I bet the dogs slept well once you got home!


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