Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Howl-o-ween

Mums carved a couple punkins last night. She wasna too happy wid how da first one turned out. The next one took lots o time but it turned out just great.  She broked both of the little carving knifes so she had to go real slow to do da little pieces.


Haunted House
Today Mums raked a lot o leaves from da backyard and set up da front porch for da little trick or treaters. We been wearing our howl-o-ween collars all week but today Mum's made us wear da hats too for da picture. Keltic did na wanna look at Mums so I had to sit for quite a long time afore she got a good picture. Mums does na trust Keltic much either as she putted a leash on him too so he could na runs away. I is a good boy and did na need a leash on me.

We is all ready now for da little kids to come.

Happy Howl-o-ween from me, Beckett and from my pumpkinhead brudder Keltic.


  1. You both look great. Hope you had a wonderful night.

  2. You both look so cute! And the pumpkins are great!

  3. OH MY GOD I am dying!!!! I LOVE THESE! I had to show my husband. I wish Dakota would let me do this, but so far, he won't :(

  4. That Haunted House pumpkin is amazing! You did a pawsome job on it! Oh and boys look great in their costumes too.


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