Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ordinary Heroes

You hear about them all the time. Bystanders who rush in to help in emergencies to rescue people caught in fire or trapped in car. You see appeals on the news for people to make living donations to save someone who is dying from liver or kidney failure and there always seems to be a stranger who comes forward to make that gift. But how often is that you actually know someone like that who gives so selflessly of themselves. Today I do! Today, my nephew underwent surgery to give a kidney to his father-in-law who was diagnosed with kidney failure last year.  There are probably so many ordinary heroes that we should give thanks to everyday but they walk amongst us without even thinking that they are heroes.

Today I say "Thank-you" to each and every ordinary hero. 

And remember, please be an organ donor.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes, and I don't even know your nephew. What a beautiful, selfless gift.

    Well done!

  2. That is pawsome of him. Yes he is truly a hero. Thank u.

  3. How awesome! Bless your nephew and we're sending lots of AireZen for both of them to be back to 100% soon!

  4. Clapping our paws and saluting your nephew!!! Praying for a speedy recovery! DakotasDen


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