Monday, April 4, 2016

UKI Spring Cup - Keltic's Point of View

Hey dere ebreybody is me Keltic. Mums said I gets to tell you abouts our weekend. We went to play UKI agility, seems pretty much da same as our other gility to me, I gots to do lots off jumps and tunnels.

Mums just entered me for da experience in two events, da Games challenge and da Speedstakes challenge.  In da Games, I had ta do Snooker, Mums had me do 3 A-frames in our opening as she knew I could do dem pretty good. I missed one of da yellow bits but we got through our opening and started da closing bit. We was doing beautiful but den dere was dose nasty weavers. I tried but I wents in da wrong way and dere wented da whistle.  The second games was Gamble, Mums planned a course where I just had to do jumps, tunnels and da teeter, I did really good and eben beat Beckett for points. I didn't gets da main Gamble though but needer did Beckett.

Speedstakes 1

But da biggest surprise was in Speedstakes, I only had 5 faults in my first run but Beckett had an off course. Beckett did really good in his second run and gotted a Q but again I only had five faults in my run so I gotted first place overall in Speedstakes, da big red, white and blue ribbon.

Speedstakes 2

 Isn't dat something, I beated Beckett.  Mums was really surprised and very happy about da ribbon. I would da been happier if I had gotted a big cookie instead. Mums said she'd write about da whole weekend later but she thought I'd like to tell you all about my results myself.

 Hurrah for me, Keltic da Speedy!


  1. Nice job Keltic! You are speedy, and how fun to beat your big brother every once in awhile.


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