Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Additions

No, I did not get another puppy but I've been thinking about one so who knows maybe next year.

 Last year 2016 brought a number of new additions to the family; three of my nieces each welcomed their first child in 2016.

First on the scene was Thexan David  born 12 July 2016.  Quite an unusual first name, apparently the name of a prince in Star Wars.

Next to make her debut was Emma Rhian who was born 31 Aug 2016, she was in a bit of a rush to arrive being born two weeks before her due date.

Last to arrive was Haig Arthur born 23 Dec 2016. Haig should have been a January 2017 baby but he was in such a rush to catch up to his cousins that he also arrived a few weeks early.

Not too many photos of Haig Arthur yet but his family did have a lovely photo shoot and you can see those photos at Dawn of Destiny Photography.

It's pretty wonderful to see the family growing and the next generation arriving. My nieces are all now young women; it seems like just yesterday they were the little children.

A picture of all the new moms when they were little.
More great grandchildren for my mother although she will likely never have the chance to really get to know these new members of the family.

And new cousins for the first of that generation, Adrian Robert.


  1. Congratulations! What beautiful children♥

  2. What a happy year filled with beautiful babies!

  3. HOw nice that they'll all be able to grow up together. I hope they don't live too far away from each other. They're all gorgeous!

  4. Huge Congratulations on all of the "new" blessings!!!! Even if they aren't puppies, they are ADORABLE!! DakotasDen


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