Sunday, August 27, 2017


Another of the events we attended for our Canada 150 celebrations was a spectacular theatrical presentation put on by a French company called La Machine. They use giant animatronic beasts to play out a story in your city.  They were here in Ottawa and over three days played out the story of a Horse Dragon named Long Ma and a spider named Kuma. Kuma had stolen and hidden Long Ma's wings.  Long Ma searched all over for her wings and when she and Kuma met there were battles to be seen.

We went down on the second night that the spectacle was on. First we went to Kontinuum , a multi-media show in one of the new subway tunnels.  Then we headed over to where we would see Kuma at the Supreme Court. She was sleeping so we headed up the street to see Long Ma come looking for her wings.

Kuma alseep at the Supreme Court

Long Ma coming down Wellington Street

Long Ma stopping to graze

Long Ma came down Wellington Street, eating plants as she went. At first we able to keep ahead of the crowds and stay in front but some of our group got caught out at the side and we had to wait for them that put us too far behind the front of the crowds. We got caught way back and couldn't get back down to where the night's spectacle could be seen.

It was still exciting to see even though being in such a large crowd was a little scary.  People were all really in a good mood but had there been any kind of incident I don't know how emergency crews would have gotten in,  it was so jam packed.  We decided to leave and tried to head for the intersection ahead but were told by some people they had tried for 10 minutes and couldn't get there. We turned around and pushed through the crowds to make our way back to the last intersection we had passed.

The crowds were so large on this night that they moved the location for the last night's spectacle so that people wouldn't be so crammed into the street and would have a better chance of seeing the show.


  1. Mom says this is soooooo exciting but I would have been scared right out of my furs!

  2. Pawsome pictures of the dragon. Thats something u dont see everday.

  3. Wow! I didn't realize it was 150 years! DID see a Canada 150 sign at Niagra Falls now I know!


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