Monday, January 15, 2018


This really should have been my first post of 2018 but since I didn't get my act together to do a Christmas post this one had to wait.

New Year's Day saw the arrival of the first new addition to our family.  My niece and her husband had their second child, a little boy they named Kieran Paul.  A brother for Thexan David who is only 18 months. Boy, will they have their hands full for awhile. Kieran was scheduled to be born on 2 January so it was still a bit of a surprise for the rest of us when we found out he was born on the 1st, turned out Amber had been asked to go in a day early for her C-section.

Kieran is the first of three that we will add to the family in 2018. Another niece is having a little boy in February, it will be her second as well. Also one of my nephews and his wife will be having their first baby in March.

Nothing beats the news of a new baby but we also did our first agility trial of 2018 this past weekend.

This was the really nice set up they had for the photo booth, so how could I resist getting a picture of the boys.

We had a good day, each boy got three runs. Keltic had two advanced standard and one masters Gambler.  Keltic didn't get any Q's but both of his advanced standard runs went well. He only had five faults in the first one, a refusal on  a tunnel (obstacle 7); I was probably crowding his space a bit.

Advanced Standard 1

He had 5.16 faults in his second standard, a refusal on the weaves for 5 faults and the other 0.16 faults were time faults. We had to do the weaves three times to get them done so I'm surprised we weren't even more over time although he was really moving on the rest of the course. I was happy that he did target on both dog walks and there was no going under the tire.

Beckett had two Master Snooker and a Master Jumpers. Beckett got two Snooker Q's; the first one ran beautifully, the second I thought we faulted the weaves in the close but there was no whistle so we must have been outside the refusal zone. In any case, we only needed to get through obstacle 5 to have enough points for the Q and the weaves were part of obstacle 6. In Jumpers, I blew it for Beckett.  I didn't support him well enough to go out to obstacle 4 and he came by the inside of it but other than that it was a beautiful run.

Master Jumper 1

I was very pleased with how the day went. Both Beckett and Keltic ran well given how little training we have done and due to my injured Achilles tendon that we haven't trialled since August 2017 . On that note, my ankle held up, I felt it stretch a few times while running and it is sore today but a good sore if you know what I mean. We don't have another trial until March now so time to practice a bit and for the ankle to heal even more.

So looking forward to more family additions and more trials in 2018.


  1. Beautiful baby and good job with the puppies. Hopefully the ankle will get steadily better as the year goes on.

  2. Congrats on the new addition to the family and good work with the agility. Last year was our big year for babies. 3 girls with one set of twins in the family. I thought I'd never stop crocheting blankies.

  3. Congratulations on little Kieran Paul! What a beautiful shot of your dogs♥

  4. That is one cute baby, and more on the way! 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for you and your family!


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