Friday, February 19, 2010

Ceilidh's Chemotherapy - Week Two

We have now finished week two of Ceilidh's chemotherapy. I had one scare this past Wednesday. After vomitting in the early evening, Ceilidh was then quiet, withdrawn and would not eat. And even though she was quiet she could not settle. She also was panting a little bit. I didn't call Alta Vista since our recheck was scheduled for Friday morning, 19 Feb 2010. Wednesday was a Palladia day. Thursday morning Ceilidh still wouldn't eat, the only thing I could get her to eat was a peanut butter cookie but by Thursday evening she was fine. We saw Dr Bravo today for a recheck, she didn't change any medication based on that one incident but said that if it continued to happen we would have look at other medication to protect her gastrointestinal system.

The scare did let me decide that if Ceilidh had severe side effects from chemo, that we would stop and try holistic treatments. I want to give her a good quality of life for whatever time we have together not just extend her life.

We go back again for our next recheck on 5 Mar 2010, at that time, they'll do blood work to see how she is handling the chemotherapy. If all is well, our next appointment will be one month after that.

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