Monday, December 20, 2010

Tucker's Travels

On Tuesday, 7 Dec 2010, Tucker had a second ultrasound as his blood work from the previous week showed that his liver enzymes were still climbing.  This second ultrasound was necessary in order to do a guided needle biopsy of his liver.  They also took a urine sample while he was in for his ultrasound.

Tucker - June 2010

We got the results of the needle biopsy and urinalysis on 15 Dec 2010. There was good news and some not so good news.  His urine concentration was normal and the needle biopsy showed no signs of inflammation or of cancer, thank goodness, but the specialist vet did caution that a needle biopsy is a very small sample and in this case of a very large organ. Tucker's liver did, however, show early indications of Cushing's Disease. Since Tucker is not showing any real symptoms as of yet, there is nothing we can do but watch and wait. We will have more blood work done in March along with some other urine tests. 

I'm to watch for excessive drinking and urination but also for weakness and changes in appetite.  Now I'm second guessing things though. Tucker hasn't been able to climb a long set of stairs for about a year and while, I've called him "gator mouth" for ages, I'm wondering if these are symptoms rather than just normal aging and, what I just thought, was Tucker's love for food.

He's still on Peptid AC, pancreas powder and Zentonil and he does seem to have more energy lately, tugging on toys with Beckett and keeping up with us on walks, so perhaps things are improving.


  1. I'm happy to hear that Tucker is doing well. Although, I know how stressful and frustrating the whole testing process can be.

    I've been attributing changes in Misty to "old age" for a while now, but wonder if they were symptoms too. It is so hard to know. I just started keeping a daily log of things (appetite, potty breaks, energy level, etc), so maybe that will help me see any change over time.

    I'll be thinking about Tucker, and hoping he continues to do well. Take care.

  2. Oh poor Tucker boy!!! He has been going through so much but he's a strong boy and I'm sure he will pull through this!
    I have never heard about Cushing's disease but I'm guessing it's something pretty serious.
    Old age always causes so many heartbreaking problems for our dogs.
    My fingers are crossed for Tucker!

  3. What a brave little man for keeping up his spirits through all of this. I'm really glad to here that he's been doing better lately; I'm sure it's a good sign! And great to hear that he doesn't have cancer. Keep your spirits up, it sounds like he's doing well. Merry Christmas!!


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