Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Hate Cancer

Today, my sister and her family had to let their wonderful Westie Toby go to the bridge. They had noticed that he wasn't eating so they took him in to their vet earlier this week and found that he had a large tumour.  Today, they had an ultrasound that showed that the tumour was massive and involved both the liver and spleen. So without having had any other visible symptoms, cancer has taken another dog far too early. Toby was just over 7 and a half years old, just a little older then my Ceildh was when cancer took her. 

Glenns Toby of Mulcroft
Toby was a good friend to my Tucker, Ceilidh and Beckett. He always greeted you with enthusiasm and was forever ready to play.  He will be missed!

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  1. Rest in peace little Toby. You left this world too soon.


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