Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Little Canada Day Fun and Stuff

We took a very relaxing Canada Day. Except for cleaning out the garage, I did nothing but walk the dogs and play a little at agility and Frisbee in the backyard.

You'll see Beckett doing the teeter in the video. I'm about 5 feet behind the teeter and sending him straight forward. One of the mini gambles at the Ontario Regionals was similar to this; a teeter about 10 feet from the gamble line with the jump back towards the handler and just inside the line. We've been practicing with Beckett as I have seen a teeter going straight away from the handler before so it will be a good skill to have once he gets into Masters level Gambles. It was quite hot so we didn't do a lot and once he headed for the shade rather than play Frisbee, I knew it was time to give him a break. Tucker, during all of this, was laying in the shade under the cedar bushes near the deck.

I've seen lovely pictures of other people's gardens. I'm not much of a gardener but my Clematis do very well. This year, I put up new trellis so they had more room to grow. It still looks like I could put up an even larger trellis!!

I had shrimp and vegetables done on the BBQ with rice for supper. Later in the evening, Beckett and I went down to Krazy Kanines agility field to practice weaves and then I watched the Canada Day fireworks from Parliament Hill on TV.  There wasn't many fireworks going off in my neighbourhood, so Tucker wasn't too stressed out. All in all a very nice day.


  1. What a great day! Beckett is awesome at frisbee! I keep trying to teach Oreo, but he prefers his ball.

  2. Hey, love his distance teeter!

    And have I mentioned how JEALOUS I am of you and that perfect agility backyard!! ;-)


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