Monday, November 28, 2011

He did, he really did...

He did, he really did listen!!! 

Two weeks ago, I told Beckett that I wanted him to get an Advanced Standard Q and an Advanced Jumpers Q at the Dream Fields trial and that he was to get an Advanced Snooker and another Advanced Jumpers Q at the Absolute Agility trial this past weekend.  Well do you know what? That's exactly what he did.  To top that off, I told him Friday evening before the Absolute Agility trial, that if he got his two Q's and, as a result, his Advanced Games Dog title that we could just have fun the rest of the day. Well again, he really did listen and did just that too. He got eliminated from his first Masters Standard event, didn't get the main Gamble in his first Masters Gamblers and skipped some poles in his weaves during Steeplechase. But we sure had fun!!!

We had the same judge as last weekend for our Advanced runs. The Advanced Jumpers had quite a similar layout but the sequence of the obstacles made the course quite a different challenge.  Beckett still did awesome, he had a spin or two so I wasn't sure if we had any faults called against us until the results were posted. He finished with a time of 26.75 seconds and was his third Advanced Jumpers Q which was also good enough for first place. In his Advanced Snooker, I decided to try four reds in the opening. Initially after the fourth red, I was going to send him into the tunnel (obstacle 3), then begin the close by wrapping the tire (obstacle 2) and rear crossing obstacle 3. At the last minute while walking the course, I decided to rear cross the tunnel after doing the red jump, since there are no refusals in the Snooker opening and because Beckett doesn't always like rear crosses on tunnels so then it wouldn't do any harm if he did refuse. That turned out to be a very good decision as you'll see in the video. I also had miscounted and thought we needed the frame for our Q so I was very relieved to hear the judge call six as the buzzer went for time but it turned out we had our points with obstacle five. 

Now we are on an agility hiaitus until February, we still have a couple fun matches and classes, of course, but no trials until then.  I hope to work on Beckett's A-frame and do some distance work that we'll need for Masters events before we trial again. Hopefully those Masters Q's won't be too elusive.

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  1. That is simply awesome Helen! Beckett heard you and listened! How nice to meet your goals, and stay true to your promises to Beckett.



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