Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Started

Last weekend, I started decorating for Christmas. It seemed rather strange as it was very warm (and has been all week) for November.  I always put my outdoor decorations up right after Remembrance Day as I'd rather be climbing up and down a ladder when the weather isn't too bad but I don't turn my lights on until the beginning of December. I don't have my Christmas wreaths or my rope light toy soldiers up outside yet, I still think it's a little too early to look too much like Christmas. But I did put out my new little porch tree and decorated the fresh cedar bows that I used to hide the planter box.

I'm going to put up my winter village this weekend. Of the indoor decorations, it is always this first thing to go up and the last to come down. My Christmas tree, since I still get a real one, won't go up until the middle of December.

I also ordered a new Christmas decoration, a pillow of my sheltie boys waiting for Santa under the tree. It will be used in my family room decorations. I sent a picture with a special request to Foxy's Art Box, you can like them on Facebook, and then ordered the design from CafePress. Neat, eh! You can tell by the ears and markings that it is Beckett and Tucker snoozing under the tree.

And I received my first Christmas card today from a friend who will be moving to Israel in a few short days. Her husband is military and he is being posted to Israel as the Defence Attache.


  1. Love that custom pillow -- very very cool!

  2. That is so smart of you - my hubby leaves his lights up year round on a similar principle ...

    I LOVE the cushion - what a great thing to add to your collection for christmas ...

  3. I just bought a little tree just like that for my porch! So cute!

    Your pillow is precious.

  4. Your Christmas tree is so pretty and do is the pillow. Love the sleeping sheltie there.

    I love Christmas!


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