Friday, December 9, 2011

Crisp mas is coming...

Hi everyone, is me Beckett. Ise ben reading Ludo's and Denny's, oops I mean Reilly's blogs. Weese ben getting reddy here for Crisp mas too. My Mums ben decorating all da rooms. I really dunno why but she puts up lots of lights and ornomints, she says to get into the spirit of Crisp mas. She says weese gonna get a tree in the house again too.

The family room is decorated with lots o snow mens. They is on the table and fir place mantle.  They is even on the wall ore the couch.

She put a wittle village in the live-in room, I dunno whyse we call it that cuz we don lives in it very much at all. And there's flowers around it called Pointsetters but I don think they'se much like setters at all.

Mums even put some decorations in da baffrooms, even in da one that no one uses, how funny is dat.

Mums says weese got to be good or Santa paws wont bring us our pressies, so Ise trying to be a good boy. Is hard to be good all the time cuz I still likes to emptee the garbage can in the baffrooms for Mums. I cant hardly wait for Santa paws to come, Ise allways gots good pressies from him. 

Denny, don you listen to ebery thins Reilly tells you about Santa paws. Tucker tells me fibs too, big brudders is like that sometimes, mostly tho they is nice to have around.

Good nights ebery one, be good or if you cant be good, be dog, haha thats a joke.

Luv, Beckett


  1. Your decorations look great! We put all ours up, and then had to take them down, because we are getting our house painted! Next year, we'll do Christmas for real.

  2. Loved this!!! Thanks for the giggles :-)

  3. Love it! Merry Crisp Mas, Beckett!

  4. Everything looks beautiful Helen, the dogs too!


  5. YES - It is MY blog - that little Wuzster brother of mine thinks he can take it over any time he wants these days. I am pleased to meet you - new buddies are always welcome .....

  6. Beckett sounds like 'es got a serious Maritime accent goin on dere. Wheres dat comin from?

  7. Beautiful decorations! It's so Christmasy!!

    We haven't put our tree up yet but we will do it soon! Hopefully : )

  8. be dog indeed ... your house is beautifuly done - I love the shower curtain!!


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