Friday, December 30, 2011

Grateful, grateful!

This has been a tough year and it's been a little hard to be grateful for all that I have.

First, in March, we had a terrible event in the family that caused a lot of stress and anxiety amongst all of us; then in May, my father passed away from cancer; in June, we lost my niece's Westie Toby to cancer as well, and through it all I've been worried about Tucker's health.

Dad and Timmy
But still when I think that all that I have, I am really lucky. I have a very nice home, a good job, my health, wonderful family and friends, and two wonderful furkids. I am able to enjoy playing agility, travelling, and other outings without having to wonder too much if I have enough money for it all. Beckett and Tucker make me happy even when I'm a little down.

Tucker and Beckett

We had a wonderful Christmas. Not too much snow. I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my sister's place with her family. It's nice to have them so close, their love and support is something for which I'm grateful. I hosted a dinner for them, my youngest sister and her daughter yesterday. I am grateful for the time we have together as those special memories will always be with us.

Daniel and Tucker
Jessica opening a gift
A Habs Fan, can't you tell.
I'll spend New Year's Eve with family too and then on New Year's Day will fly out to see my mother and spend some of the holiday with her. Spend time with your parents whenever you can; it's probably the best gift you can give to them.

Mrs Claus?

Mum - Christmas 2011

So even if life brings some hardships, I always try to remember that I am truly blessed, but I sure hope that 2012 will be a little less stressful.

Hope you all have a happy healthy New Year!!!


  1. Wishing you a peaceful new year Helen.

  2. so nice, so heartfelt, so true

    safest travels and may 2012 be a little smoother for you :)

  3. May Year 2012 bring you happiness, health, joy and laughter!

  4. All the best to you and your furkids for a great 2012. They are lucky to have a mom as loving and generous as you :-)

  5. What a lovely post. A timely reminder about appreciating the good things in life too. Happy new year!


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