Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

I've been buying faucets, shut-off valves, a new shower head, a toilet and new counter tops slowly over about the last year so that I could do a mini renovation primarily in my main floor powder room.
    Old sink, faucet, counter top and toilet
Initially I had asked a neighbour, who is a plumber, if he would do the work. He told me that he could do it around the end of November but things didn't go as planned and he wasn't able to fit it in his schedule. So right before Christmas, I contacted a friend of my brother-in-law, who is also a plumber to see if he could do the work in January. Marco came on 14 January to do the work for me. I had to go to an agility fun trial so I left Marco to do the work with Tucker to supervise. I expected to see the work done when I got home. I was disappointed when I got home, the toilet and sink for the powder room were still in the garage. In the kitchen, there was a note from Marco. He had taken the old counter top off and was getting ready to cut the hole for the sink when he noticed the laminate was lifting off the new counter top. He took it back to Home Depot, luckily it had a number on the underside which showed it had been ordered through Home Depot so they took it back to have it redone.
The new toilet, I know not very exciting.
Marco called this Friday night to say the counter top was in and that he would be back on Saturday to finish the work. He had already come back on  the 21st to install the toilet so all that was left was the counter top and sink.  There still was another little problem when the piece of chrome pipe to connect the sink drain to the ABS plumbing was too short, so Marco had to go off again to the hardware store to get a longer piece.  But after resolving that last complication, my mini make-over of the powder room is nearly complete, just have to do the touch up on the paint as the back splash on the new counter top is lower than the old one and we didn't install a side splash.

I love the new sink and faucet, so modern.
I think it updates the bathroom nicely without a huge cost. Now I'd like to finish the main bathroom which still has 1980's tile around the tub, yuck. And it sure is nice to have the space in the garage back, now that the toilet is out of there.


  1. Hey Helen, when you are done you could come over here and do the reno of my bathroom!!!

    1. I'll send you Marco's e-mail and phone number if you like.

  2. I just bought a new toilet yesterday! SO, to me this is very exciting!

    Love the vessel sink and new counter. Looks great.


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