Friday, January 20, 2012

Cold Snap

Well, there's not been too much to write about.

Winter arrived just after Christmas, we got two days of snow on the 27th and 28th of December. Up until then we had no snow and the forecast was even for a "green" Christmas. But we had just enough snow on Christmas Eve to qualify as a white Christmas. This picture is of my backyard on Dec 23rd. I could have still had my agility equipment out.

This past Tuesday, we got snow, rain and freezing rain and since then it's been really cold. I did take Beckett to Red Gate for a practice on Wednesday. It was really cold but inside the arena it wasn't too bad. A friend of mine with two of her Aussies joined me for the practice and we went out to lunch afterwards. I worked on Beckett's A-frame and getting him to turn on to the A-frame from a tunnel.

Now my backyard looks like this and it's likely to stay that way until late March or April. It was another very cold day today so I didn't even take the dogs to the park for a walk. Yesterday, Tucker was sliding and falling on the ice on the path through the park and I was worried he would get hurt.

I go back to work on Monday. It's been nice having nearly a month off. I could get used to retirement quite easily.

Beckett and I begin the agility season with our first trial since November in just two weeks, then in March we have two trials and the season swings into high gear. We also are still taking classes and we have a seminar in Feb. I'll be taking Beckett to Regionals this year even though I have no intention of going to Nationals. But I am considering going to the Canada Cup this year. I've never been able to go before as your dog has to jump their Regular height and both Tucker and Ceilidh jumped as Specials; one jump height below their Regular height.

Like I said not too much happening right now so I might as well write about the upcoming agility season during this cold snap.


  1. Oh, your backyard looks so pretty with all the snow!

    We were so lucky to have a lot of mild weather this year.

    1. Sara, I don't mind the snow but the freezing rain and the cold temperatures are yucky.

  2. Canada Cup sounds like lots of fun, and the location is supposedly very very nice! Maybe next year I will go with Krypto, although I will put him in specials if he measures over 21"...

  3. Canada Cup sounds interesting, maybe 2013 with Fannie. ; ) The regular height for the A-Frame gives it to much of an abrupt angle for my taste.

    1. Remember though they only do the A-frame once per course unless it's snooker or gamble so overall they do it less frequently. And it's better than when it used to be a 6 ft for Regulars.


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