Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beach Party

 This summer I rented a cottage in Shediac, New Brunswick; I'll do a post on our vacation later. The cottage was quite cute, a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and one bath.

Cottage in Point du chene
Living room
Living room - other view

We were right on the coast, one block down from our cottage was the sea but there wasn't a good beach where I was, or so I thought. I was withing walking distance of Parlee Beach but dogs are not permitted at that beach. But a friend from Ottawa was also down on her vacation with her four dogs and she had rented a cottage in Barachois about 10 minutes drive from where I was. From her place, it was a short walk or drive to some nice beaches where we could take the dogs. Another couple from the Ottawa area were also camping in Shediac with their three dogs. We all got together at low tide a few times and had quite the party with the dogs. Some didn't much like the water but they all enjoyed running around in the sand, chasing birds or toys.



Beckett and Keltic wading in the water.





Nearly the whole gang

Some of the dogs loved the water and liked to wade but none liked to swim much. Beckett surprised me; he did come out to me and would swim for a bit before turning back to where he could walk. The life jacket has helped as now he keeps his feet in the water, before he always looked like he was trying to climb out of the water which didn't help him stay up at all. Keltic, while not being totally enthralled with the water, seems to enjoy it a bit more than Beckett.


  1. So many shelties! That IS indeed a beach party!! Can we join??

    1. I'm sure, Eva that you be very welcome.

  2. Love the beach and the dogs. It doesnt look like to much wave action either. Thats wonderful!

  3. So happy! Looks like everyone had fun! Mommy really likes the Tic Tac Toe names. How clever!

    1. They are cute names. Someone told Jack that his next three dogs had to be Ready, Set and Go. Toe and Sam are Whistler's sons.

  4. Love the photo of Keltic lying in the water. Looks like fun!

  5. What a neat group!! What fun :)


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