Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tucker's Travels are Over

Today, I lost one of my best friends, my sable Sheltie, Tucker. 

He had a fearless heart, a quiet mind, was straight and true and brave and cool, everything I wish I was.

He began his travels in New Brunswick but at three years of age moved to Ontario where he began his agility career. He moved once more to Ottawa where he continued to be successful in the agility ring.

For a Sheltie, he had a quiet and thoughtful mind; no spinning for him.  When I would send him out to do a gamble, if he didn't get it right away, I could see him thinking about what he should do next; if my handling was good (and sometimes even if it was not that good), he would get the gamble.

I started the stories of his travels with high liver values and Cushings in Oct 2010 just before his 10th birthday.  I was so sure he would see his 12th birthday but that was not to be. When I came home from a camping trip with Beckett and Keltic, my sister called to say that he wasn't eating and hadn't stood on his own all day. I went over to pick him up and he didn't come to greet me but he looked stable enough that I decided to wait until today to take him to my own vet rather than go the 24 hour animal hospital, Alta Vista.  Late last night, he took a turn for the worst. I got him in a more comfortable position and laid down with him. I fell asleep listening to him breathe but by this morning he was gone.

31 Oct 2000 - 23 Aug 2012

I hope I didn't let him down. 
Good Bye Sweet Tucker Boo. 


  1. There's no way you let him down. You were with him until the end. RIP Tucker.


  2. awwwwww Helen ....i'm so glad he waited til you were home ...

    hang in there over these next difficult dark days

  3. My condolences, Helen. Tucker waited for you to come home, and I'm quite sure that had we been able to ask him, he would have chosen to die close by your side, in his own home. Sleep well, Tucker.

  4. He will have so many new friends over the rainbow bridge waiting for him and he will be able to run free again like when he was a pup - hugs to you - we know how hard it is to loose one of your own.

  5. Reilly and Denny told us the news. What a gorgeous boy and how wonderful for him to spend that last night feeling you around him. May he run free!

  6. No let down, you being with him at the end was the bestest thing, so sad to have one of ours gone, but remember he is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, were we will all meet again!

    Your Furends
    Susie & Sidebite

  7. I just popped over form Cowspotdogs to offer my condolences. I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Tucker. Obviously he was waiting for you to say goodbye and I think it's wonderful you spent the last night by his side. R.I.P. Tucker.

  8. Awwww so sorry to hear the sad news Helen. In no way did you let Tucker down, you did everything you could and you were lying beside him when he went to Rainbow Bridge. With heartfelt sympathy x

  9. Oh Helen, you didn't let him down at all! He was so loved by you. You know when Indy died I thought I did everything I could for him and it just wasn't enough. Sometimes our best isn't enough and it happens anyways. You were there for him until the end and he knew that. Keep the memories, they will help ease the loss.
    Hugs and strength to you.

  10. We came by to paw our condolences. Softest husky wooooos, we will lite our candle to guide Tucker on his way.

    RA, Isis & nanük

  11. I too found this blog through CowSpotDog, and just had to stop by to post a comforting note. Though I didn't know you, I can hear your love of Tucker in this post.

    I am sending comforting thoughts to you.

  12. Gone to be with the other furkids, and to hang out with his Grandpa! Will sure be missed, lots of love to you at this time of loss.
    Karen & clan <3

  13. Tucker was a steady heart, ready to do anything for you in his quiet way. He was a determined little guy who will be missed. You loved him very much.

  14. We were over at Reilly and Denny's an'herd the terrible newwz. There wuz no way u let him down.
    You were with him when he began hiz journey across the Bridge - that'z what we all hope fur. We are so furry much sorry.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  15. We are stopping over from CowSpotDog's blog. We are so so sorry to hear about your beloved Tucker making his final journey. From just the little bit I have read on your blog, you in NO WAY let your fur-baby down. We send you {HUGS} as you work through your grief. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  16. We are friends of Gospel of Goose...we are so sorry to hear about tucker..he was very beautiful...sending a hug and prayer your way.
    stella rose

  17. Helen, I'm so sorry for your tremendous loss. How lucky that you were able to be with him in the end. Tucker felt safe and secure lying next to his Mom.

    I know you will miss Tucker dearly. I'll be lighting a candle tonight for him.

  18. Stopping by from Cowspotdogs to say how sad we are to hear about Tucker. Lees last dog had Cushings so she much understands the disease. Being able to pass away at home with you beside him had to be a gentle way to go to the bridge.
    Sweet William The

  19. So very sorry for your loss. We lost our girl to Cushings too. We know you didn't let him down - he knew how much you loved him.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  20. We wish Tucker could have stayed with you longer and we know a heck of a sheltie crossed the bridge. We know he had a good home and pack that loved him. You and yours are in our prayers.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex, Sherman and Dog Dad

  21. That was a beautiful tribute, Helen... It was so nice watching those agility runs again and seeing all the puppy photos, there were some I hadn't seen before.

    The world has lost a gentle soul. Farewell, Tucker boy.

  22. You were there for Tucker and he knew it. Our hearts are breaking for you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Godspeed, Tucker.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch, Molly and Sue

  23. I'm so sorry. We are sending hugs.


  24. We are so sorry for your loss, Helen! There is no let down at all, you were there with him and he knew he was loved.

    Tucker was a brave soul and he was beautiful. We all miss him too!

    RIP Tucker!

  25. I think he waited for you! To be with you one more time to say his personal good bye.


  26. Of course he waited for you! And you were exactly in the right spot for him. He got to leave on his own terms, with you right there, in his own home. No better way than that. Hugs to you.

  27. oh helen im so so sorry, i heard about you over at cowspotdogs. its so terrible whenever you lose your loved ones but take comfort in the fact that you were with him and Dawn is right its always best to be able to go in your own surroundings where you feel safe.

    Thinking of you

    Charlene and Stormy

  28. Helen, we are sorry to hear about the loss of Tucker. You did the right thing by being with him and comforting him and wanting what was best for Tucker. Sounded like he peacefully went to sleep close to your heart. You were with him at the end -- and he will be forever close to your heart.


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