Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finally... a Masters Gamblers

I told Beckett last night that I would be happy with either a MADC title or a Master Gamblers Q. Well, we didn't get our MAD; some spinning in the first Standard and an off-course in the second saw to that.  But Beckett did get his first Masters Gamblers Q.  Yeah Beckett!!!  This Gamble actually worked well for him as I was able to keep handling in the box which I think even helped him get the last jump.

We didn't try the dog walk-tunnel mini gamble in our opening but we did try the teeter mini. Beckett loves the teeter and we've worked on a straight away teeter quite a bit.  He gave me a bit of lip before he went out to do the teeter the first time and so the buzzer went while he was on the teeter doing that mini a second time.

The nice thing about this main gamble was the first few obstacles were quite close to the box and that number 2 was bi-directional. I was able to do the first three quite easily. Once he was in the tunnel, I did a front cross to keep moving as he came out of the tunnel and to get myself on the far side of the box past the wing of  jump one. It allowed me to put him on a straight line for 4 with the room to rear cross 4 moving across the box. He read the rear cross really nicely and, since I was still moving, kept on going to 5 without hesitation.

Coming out of the ring, I was a bit bummed as I thought we didn't have enough points in the opening. I never count on getting the mini gambles so I always count them a single obstacles so I had it in my head that we needed the two teeters. Luckily, my friends told me that I had enough points when we got back to our seat, so Beckett got his jackpot of hot dogs right away.

Our first Masters Gamblers and it was good enough for first place among the 16" Regular dogs and best run for the Mini Regular dogs. All our hard work on Gambles is paying off. Yeah, Beckett!!!


  1. Congratulations! That's awesome!

    I've never heard of "mini gambles". What a cool way to rack up some extra points.

    1. Yes, mini gambles sure help get your opening points. And what's nice is that you can do the obstacles as just as regular obstacles; no penalty for not doing them as gambles.

  2. Congratulations! I know how hard those gambles are to get--so way to go1

  3. Must feel great to have that first one accomplished! Congrats again!


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