Monday, September 17, 2012

I be 6 Months Old

Hey dere, it's Keltic here. Mums is lettin me rite the blog today as it's my half birday, I be 6 months old and is nearly growed all up. 

Ise started takin beedience two weeks ago as Mums says Ise gotta learn sum manners, that I canna stay a puppy boy furever. I be doin okay. The first class I was a barky boy and Mums got told she should bring a stuffed kong so I'd be bisee during the boring bits. I was pretty good at da last class, eben when we went outside to work. Ise still gots to work on downs, do naw know why I gots to lay down when Mums is jus gonna tell me to get up again.

In two weeks time, weese gonna do a gility seminar for puppies. Mums says it'll just be me and her, Beckett is gonna stay home. That's probably betta as I don work well for Mums when I hears Beckett barking as alls Ise wants to do is play with my big brudda. This past weekend, Mums took us both to the gility field.  Beckett and I gots to wander around an explore. I did the dog walk and A-frame all by myself. I do naw know why Beckett says you gotta work at gility, it seemed pretty fun to me.

Da first six months of my life as been pretty citing, Ise been lots of places and met loads of peoples and doggies. Beckett is a good big brudda, he lets me tug on him and usually lets me win when we restle. I miss da old guy dat used ta live here; he did naw play much but he used to let me takes my naps by him. Mums says he be gone to a good place and we'll sees him again sum day. Mums is pretty good to me too but she don let me bring the stuffy toys outside. I be fast though and did tricks her once or twice.

I can naw wait til I be a year old. Beckett says you get lots a good pressies when you is a year old.

Til next time, have a dog-gone good time, Keltic boy.


  1. Happy 6-month-old, dear! You look great!

  2. Happy 1/2 birthday Keltic! You are a sweetie.

  3. Awww bless you Keltic, that was a brilliant post! Happy 6-month B'Day! Your growing into one handsome boy! You'll love agility :)

  4. Happy Half-Year Birthday Keltic!!! Good job sneaking the stuffie toys outside! You know what's even better -- is trying to sneak outside stuff like twigs and leaves in the house. Boy does that get our Mommy mad -- she doesn't see us sneaking it in at first and then all the sudden she will turn around and there's an outdoor stick or something. Always got to keep our mom's on their toes you know.

  5. Happy 6-months to the most mischievous and naughty (in a cute way) sheltie puppy ever! You are going to be a little handful, aren't you!

  6. Keltic is a sweetheart.
    Pats & pets to her.

    TY for you thoughtful comments - sharing your loss.
    I'm an only child, no family hence doing the nurse thing alone.
    Like you said our fur kids are our family - depression issues stops me rehoming


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