Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin

Me and Beckett on 17 Feb 2013
Hey dere everybody, Mums says we is counting down to my birfday; I be 11 months old today.  It's a nice sunny day today but its ferry cold. Today, weese went to a place called Red Gate. I gots to play with my friend, Sam. I hadn't seen him since we went to da beach last summer. We both changed a whole bunch but I still knowed him.  I also gots to do the dog walk, the a-frame and lots of jumps and tunnels.  Mums took a video and you can see how much we grewed.

Mums said she's ordered some of my birfday presents. I wonder if Santa Paws brings da birfday presents too. Mums said I got to be good or she might jus send my birfday presents back. Somethin has been chewing on da cover for the BBQ; I think it be some racoons. I sure hope Mums doesn't think it was me.

I had my last Beginner agility class this weekend, next week we goes to the Intermediate class, now we gets to run little courses, I was getting bored only doing one obstackle at a time.  Mums says once I be a year old I maybe I can jump bigger jumps, that would be fun. I can't waits til I turn one!!


  1. I cant believe youre almost a year old keltic. You are going to love jumping and doing more agility!

  2. Happy almost birthday!

    And PS: to answer your question, a backy uppy is a type of position/handling cue in the Awesome Paws Handling System. Here's a good example here:

  3. Happy 11 month old birthday!!! Gee, something really is chewing at that bbq grill. Just put some duct tape on it -- and it will be good as new. (At least that's how my Mommy fixes everything - duct tape!)

  4. Happy Happy "Almost" birthday! It is "almost" my birthday too!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Wow where does the time go, nearly 1 already! Love the video, you both are having so much fun. Cute puppies to handsome boys :)


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