Saturday, February 15, 2014

Going Walkies

Just thought I would show you the antics that happen at my place as I put my boots or shoes on before taking the boys for a walk. It's like this every time.  Some days, it goes down and back, down and back without stopping, other times they wrestle over the toy at the front door for a bit before racing back down the hall. This video was shot over three days.

Today we didn't go for a walk as I wasn't sure the sidewalk plows would have been out to clear the walkways in the park yet so we just played out in the backyard.

Let me get it!

I'm coming.

Happy Boy!

Here I come again.

His favourite game!

Cool Dudes
We have an agility practice this evening so they'll get to run around again. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and sunny so we'll get over to the park then but will likely have to stay on the walkways. Normally, we go to the school soccer field where the snow is trampled by the kids but that won't happen until next week after the kids have time to run all over it and stomp down the snow again.


  1. Looks as if the goof balls have struck, man thats having fun. Beckett looks like he has been snow plowing!

    The Mad Scots

  2. That video is so funny!

    They look like they're making the best of winter. Great photos of them in the snow!

  3. don't know about the walking - playing snow bulldozers might be more apt - bush got what fun it is !

  4. That sure is a great warm up game for the walk. Mommy thought in her head while watching that video - i sure hope Helen doesnt have anything breakable in that hallway, the way the boys were running. Lol. And those are pawsome photos of the boys in the snow. We were all smiles looking at the photos.

  5. We can see you are making the most of it. Hope you get to go to the park for a lark. Have a serene Sunday and get in some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. LOL, they are excited to go for walks!. That's so wonderful. I wish we could always be that excited for life.

  7. OMD that was too funny! They don't even need a walk after that! I cannot believe that neither would let go of that toy! BOL! Thanks for sharing!

  8. While I like my dogs to get walks on these cold, snowy days we have to settle for the crazy snow runs around the yard!

  9. Ha Ha Ha that's the warm up done! They'll be shattered before they go walkies :)


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