Monday, March 17, 2014

It my Birfday!

Hey dere everyone, it's me Keltic.

I be TWO today! Mums's says now I beed all growed up. This be my mature pose. It took Mums a lot to get dis picture as I was hamming it up. She made me wear dis bowtie. Least she said it was a bowtie, I thought it said hair ribbon on da card though.

We celebrated my birday yesterday. After we had breakfast, we took a nice drive, not dat I'm very happy bout taking car rides, and went to play some gility. I gots to see my buddy Sam. Sam be only a few days younger than me.  Then after we got home we had some lunch and then I gots to open my pressies and have some of da special cookies Mum's made.

Mums made us wear dese stoopid hats, being born on St Paddy's day is some times embarrisin!

The fox stuffie squeaks and CRINKLES. To tell da troof, I be a little ascared of it. The flyer thingie also squeaks. Mums says we can has it as an outdoor toy once da weather is nicer.  The tag for my collar says Stud, that be da troof. Our neyboor has two little Cairn girls, Micha and Pebbles and dey is always fighting to see who gets to wrestle wid me.

We also gots to eat da big cookies in dis picture. I would a eaten more but Mums said I'd get a tummy ache and wouldna eat my dinner. I ates my cookie really fast but Beckett, he ate da icing first and den he ated the cookie.

We had to wear some more stoopid hats afore we gots to eat our cookie. Mums tried to video us eating da cookies but she hasn't had da time to puts it all together.

It was a fun day. Mums says next Saturday at da gility trial, I will get my first measurement dat dey will write on my card. She hopes I haven't growed none.

Well dat's all dere is to say. I enjoyed my birfday celebration, got some swell pressies and some really good cookies. Too bad we didna has more birfdays, but Mums says I'll get more of dem Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Treats ; dey was real good. I hopes Mums makes dem again.


  1. Wow Keltic, you know how to party! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.

    Thanks for sharing the treat recipe, I'll have to make those for sure!

  2. Happy Birthday to you Keltic and we can see you had a lovely day. Have a marvellous Monday and Happy St Patrick's Day.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Happy Birthday Keltic - you sure know how to celebrate in style

  4. Happy birthday Keltic. Sorry you had to wear the hat but hope the great new treats sort of make up for it!

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got great gifts.

  6. Happy B'Day! What a fun packed day you had and look at all those pressies :)

  7. Happy Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!! So glad it was extra special, just like you!


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