Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey dere eberyone is me, Beckett.

Today Mums tooked us to a big park, she said it be called an arbor-eat-em.We didn't gets to eat nuthin while we were there though. It was quites a big park with a lake, an bridges to goes over a stream and lots and lots of trees. Keltic tried to pee on each and ebery one. There was lots of other doggies running around but Mum's kept us on our leashes.  I guess she was afraid of getting lost.

Where we entered da park dere wasn't so many peeps but when we gots to the paved walking trail dere was more an more peeps and loads of dem were on bikes. At da far end of da lake dere was tons of peeps all over and when we crossed the street it was hard not to get our leashed tangled.

Mums wanted to get our pictures with somethin called two-lips. We went into dis little park and walked around for a bit. Mums took our pictures with some flowers and lots of other pictures just of these flowers. Lots of other peeps were taking pictures of flowers too.  Didn't see no two-lips thingys.

 Mums said somethin about getting us a hot dog to share but then she said she saw a sign that said "no doggies allowed" so we turned back the other way. On our way back Mums said she sawed da same sign at the place where we wented into da little park, seems like we doggies should na of been in dere. Da sign was facing da wrong way, so Mums couldn't see it when we wented in but dere were other doggies dere and we was good boys.

We headed back da way we came and stopped to rest. Mums sat on a bench and we laid in da grass. Mums gave us sum water ta drink. Keltic had some but I didn't want any eben though Mums tried to get me ta drink sum.

Mums tooked lots of pictures. She wanted to get pictures of us in da park too, she was always making us sit an look at da camera.

It was quites a long walk.  We stopped again on da way back to da car. Mums said she saw a turtle but I did na see it. Mums gots a picture of it so I guess it be true.

It was nice to get back to da car. It was a very nice walk but it's was a little long. Mums said we should go on more long walks like that.  When we gots home we had lunch and den a  nap.  It was a very nice holli-day.

PS, you can biggify the pictures by clicking on dem.

Lots of licks from me, Beckett and from Keltic too.


  1. that sure looks like one pretty place - even if there were no foodables :)

  2. The two-lips are soooo pretty! We have a tulip festival every may at a park near here, and I never seem to get myself there.

    Looks like perfect weather for Victoria Day! Glad you got your mom out to enjoy it.


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