Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cookie Monsters

Keltic reminded me that we were supposed to show everyone what he got for his birthday presents. He got a dragon with a rattle and squeaker, a bone that you can put treats in along with treats for it and both he and Beckett got a big cookie.


Keltic got the crown shaped cookie and Beckett got the party hat. I tried to take pictures of Keltic eating his cookie but he runs away. I think he thinks that I'll take it from him. Keltic really is a cookie monster; he eats so fast that he's done long before Beckett so the video is only of Beckett.

Beckett had to eat the icing off of his cookie before he ate the cookie.What a guy!


  1. What great birthday pressies and those cookies look soooooooo yummy and they're so pretty!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Happy birthday Keltic.
    Beckett, the humans in the house would do the same with the icing.

  3. Happy Belated birthday Keltic!!! What pawesome prezzies!!!

  4. Geeeee wiz always has to eat the icing first...before someone steals it.........Happy Birthday about the toy with treats....let go after it.............we can help!

    The Mad scots

  5. What cute cookies! Beckett really does take his time. I have two monsters here.

    The frosting is always the bets part.

  6. The dragon toy looks pawsome! The cookie looked even more pawsome!


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