Monday, December 28, 2015

Gift of Love

I was going to let Beckett and Keltic write their Christmas post but after I made the video I decided it would be done by me.

 For the last few years every time I decorate my tree I think of my Mum and Dad. The song by Rita MacNeil, Gift of Love makes me think of Christmases past and all that they did for us kids. The song sometimes bring tears to my eyes. My Mum and Dad didn't have loads of money but Christmas was always special.  There were always plenty of presents, candy and lots of good food. I don't know where my mother found the time to do the baking she did, I find it hard to make just a couple of things. I'm sure there were many late nights getting ready for Christmas day.

Our tree was always special, Dad would bring it in and get the lights put on it. Then we all helped to decorate it. Some of the ornaments from when we were children are still being used by my sisters. I have some ornaments that my parents gave to me on my tree and I now have some that I gave to them as well. The two stained glass birds that you will see in the video; the cardinal says "To Dad with Love" and the chickadee says "To a Special Mom".  When we were young, the last thing to be put on the tree was tinsel; it made the tree just glisten with the lights.

My Dad is gone now and my Mum lives in a nursing home, sadly she's slipping away from us too. But as it says in the song they will always be a candle in my life.

Christmas, for me,  is still special though, because of those memories from childhood but even now having family and friends to make new memories with helps keep it a special holiday. I hope your Christmas was special and that the New Year will be happy and prosperous.


  1. What a sweet video.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Yea to you Helen.

  2. Hope your Christmas was nice. So sorry to hear about your mum. xxoo

  3. What a beautiful post and we love the video. What a lovely song. What wonderful memories♥
    Happy New Year.

  4. That was beautiful! Your tree is amazing. I have some tree treasures too, I try and buy an ornament whenever we go somewhere new. I need some dog ones though!
    Sadly my Mum isn't all that sentimental about things and we only have one really old dec that she puts on her tree now.
    Hope you've all had a very nice christmas!
    ~Dee and the boys!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Now that my kids are grown, Christmas just doesnt feel the same. But its still good!


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