Monday, February 8, 2016

Where is Winter?

February 2016
 Not that I want to jinx it but we've been having quite a weird winter. We had no snow in December at all, then January was quite reasonable in terms of the temperature and the amount of snow. I only had to use the snowblower three times so far this winter, although I did shovel a few times too. Last week we had temperatures that reached double digits 11C (that's nearly 52 degrees F) so most of the snow we had melted.  After the  picture above was taken we had rain and then freezing rain so it's pretty slippery out. Now when we go for walks we have to stay on the sidewalks and roads, no more Frisbee in the field until there's some soft snow.

January 2009
The second picture is from 2009, the deck is somewhere under all that snow. That usually is pretty much more normal for the amount of snow we would have by late January or early February.

Beckett playing Frisbee

Keltic watching the fun.


  1. We are having a strange winter in Detroit too. You have had WAY more snow than we have had! DakotasDen

  2. We are finally getting some winter snow and we're just loving it! Mom says be careful what you wish for☺

  3. Totally not complaining about this winter, after last winter we deserved it!

  4. Same here. we've only had 6 inches all season and hit record highs very week.

    best winter ever!


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